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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by stripesalot, May 9, 2007.

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    ok i have heard there are oil based and latex based sealers.
    then i read this in another thread

    "There is no "hot" applied sealcoating. There are 3 types , coal tar emulsion, ( mostly east of the mississippi , asphalt emulsion mostly west coast , and gilsonite based sealer (the worst ) . "

    so are the emulsion types oil based and the gilsonite water based?
    appreciate any definitons..
    recommendations as far as benefits to using one or the other?
    are there larger price differences for the materials?

    my plan is to buy a small spray rig (maybe even a square tank, dont throw tomatos) for the first year see how it goes and then buy a big trailer setup
    or maybe truck mounted..

    what size tips do you use and where can you get them from?
    must be good size to shoot sand right?
    is there a recommended pressure to spray at?
    thanks for answering newbie ?'s
  2. EWS

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    gilonsite is oil based. garbage.... AE and coal tar are water based. gilonsite is cut with gas, kero. usually 4-5$ a gallon and you use a fraction of what you use for AE and coal tar. coar tar and AE are the same price. right now selling between 185-200 a gallon. AE and coal tar work about t he same and achieve the same results, gilonsite is shiny and ugly.
    as for square tanks, garbage, you cannot properly aggiate this system and there is not enought pressure from the transfer pump. its a big hassle. the sealer clumps up and doesnt spray and it seperates. as for spray tips they range from 80/20 and up 2 gallons a minute and up.
    if your serious about getting into it buy a unit from sealmaster or sealrite. dont be a gypsy with the square tank. get insurance, proper advertising, a truck that can pull the trailer if you dont already have one., wedwackers, edgers, leaf blowers and a little wonder. i think it cost me something like 25000.00 to start my sealcoating business. do it right and it pays off. the buisnes sin the box will only cause you to fail....

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