Another "good day", I am on a roll!!!!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Jason_S, May 24, 2001.

  1. Jason_S

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    Well, another "fun" thing happened today. I was traveling down a main road in town, and a teenage punk tried to make a left turn out in front of me even though he had negative time to get across!

    Needless to say, his little camaro (70's) got nailed pretty well! The 2500 Chevy had a dinged bumper and a broken reflector! They are built CHEVY TOUGH! (the trucks at least)

    Some kids today drive with their heads up their asses and it tourques me off!!!!!!!!!
  2. mdb landscaping

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    i may only be 18 and will overlook the shot at all teenagers, but i do have respect more now then ever when pulling out in front of trucks and big rigs. towing my new 14 ft enclosed trailer, ive noticed that its not easy to stop on a dime with the thing. you have to coddle your stops. you are right about the chevys though. they are built tough. i wont tow my trailer with anything but a chevy. i wont start a debate about it though. we all know how they end up.
  3. lawnboy82

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    i dont know if this has a place here. but- these people who i work for. one of the sons a few years back was driving a ford f350 stake body truck and was on a side road turning onto a main road. well sure enough there was a semi coming down that main road. so the semi driver started blowing his horns and everything flashing his lights and whatever. so the son went, and the semi hit the son. the two trucks i meant. the accident report was filed. the semi driver went to his boss and told his boss that he had been blowing his horns and flashing his lights and everything and the son just cut him right off. the son i must intereject was probably about 25 at the time or so. i am not sure. this was several years ago.
  4. greens1

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    Your story reminds me of that Caddy Shack line " Hey you scrached my anchor " . LOL

    Jim L
  5. Jason_S

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    MDB, I am also 18, but I feel like I have reached a point of maturity where the pedal need not be on the floor at all times! It makes me angry that some of these new drivers give us a bad rap. I drove for my company when I first started, and have been a perfect driver, respecting the bosses trucks/equipment ranks very highly in my book, and it also does in his!!!!! Well, what can you do? Sh#t happens!

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