Another Hayes valve bites the dust and other stories

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    When not doing the easy stuff I'm harassing Henry my other service guy. Most competent 23 year old LI service guy in Dallas thanks to my teaching.:) Anyway our first job is why we love fence people. Blocked off half a zone. No leaking anywhere. Had to be the fence post. Shur nuff first post we picked to dig their it was.

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    The four 90 fix. But they didn't see it.

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    Had a dickens of a time finding this valve. Finally flushed it out with some advanced very secret 521 techniquing:) :) Tried pinging it with a WM SL and it would not show up. Located two feet deep next to a concrete pillar. I turned to output and this solenoid was drawing 1.4 amps. Did an ohm reading comparison to irritrol. Cleaned it up to rebuild and found out a new coil was 36.00 and the replacement diaphragm was 75.00. The valve itself would cost me 246.00. Forget that. Replaced with a RB.






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    I bet henry would preciate me warning him when I take pics from behind. He left our rainmaster case in the middle of a garage and it got run over.




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    I don't use a claw hammer much but the 90 degree channel locks come in handy every now and again.
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    photoblog of the year?
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    No photos yet but a story from my tech Tom. He went to blow out a system 3 or 4 weeks ago and could not. Another contractor was there trenching for a phone or tv cable. They hit the gas line and utilities was on the way. Said don't do it right now. So he blew it out a week later. Only to find that they hit the sprinkler pipes as air came out of the trench. Told home owner and she contacted Comcast. Of course they say "it wasn't us, it was a subcontractor". She eventually got them to say do it and send the bill. She did not want them to repair it themselves as they wanted. They also said they did not hit anything (heeheehee).

    Anywho.... today he goes back to do repairs (and winterize a second time when done). Found 8 leaks (on a 3 zone system) and one missing rotor. Also come to find out, they were charged $5000 for damaging the gas line and NOT getting locates. Ouch!! I will see if Tom took pics with camera phone.

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    It would be up for it but MJD removed the pic of Henry leaning into the hole. Just imagine a 6' 5" man who insists on wearing medium shirts.
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    Good grief!!:rolleyes:
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    Could it have been that bad?

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