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I bought a house which has a poorly designed lawn sprinkler system. I am thinking of adding another head in a zone where there is area where a portion of the lawn currently has single head coverage. But I want to make sure that another head is possible given the current set up and will not make the current heads less efficient.

I am on city water so their is plenty of pressure and other zones currently have 6 Hunter PGP heads which the zone I am working on would have if I added another head.

The problem is that the current set up has two PGP heads which are feed off a single 3/4" line for supply. The head I would add would be off this same supply line. So my question is can a 3/4" supply line service three heads and not cut down on the coverage capacity of the existing two heads so as to make the system even more inadequate than current?

Thanks for the help.
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