Another hit in Northern Vermont


Well,, the winter that almost wasn't seems to hate to give up now. We had another 6" overnight. I checked at 4:30 this morning and while there was 6" on my deck railing there was an inch or less on the pavement. Monday and Tuesday were mostly sunny so it had warmed enough to melt it as it fell. In all truth I was just as glad as I didn't have enough salt to do all our lots if it had come to that. I really hate to replenish the salt pile this time of year as I use the same building for storing hydromulch and fertilizer through the summer. If I have much salt in there it gets kinda tight for everything else. I'm ready for SPRING!! Got the cleanup gear ready to go, was prepared to get into that heavy this week. Looks like the snow might be gone by the weekend but it will be too wet to do anything for a few days, until the turf dries a little.

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