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Another How Would You Handle This Situation...


LawnSite Bronze Member
Regular mowing customer wants a leaf clean up. The timing of the clean-up was to be done at my discretion. I decided to do it last Saturday, 90% of the leaves had fallen. Today, she calls and says she dosen't feel she should have to pay the full amount because I did not wait untill all the leaves have fallen,and now they have finished falling and the lawn in "covered in leaves" again. How would you handle this?


LawnSite Gold Member
I'm surprised people pay us to cut the grass...I mean...doesn't it grow back? Shouldn't it just be cut ONE TIME at the end of the season? :D


LawnSite Fanatic
I would tell her, what you think about 90% of the leave fallen. If she wants you to come again and clean up those ones you would be more than happy to for an additional price, or she can wait until spring and you would do it then


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If she really wants to gripe about it you can tell her that you will gladly bring back the other 90%, (for a small fee, of course).


LawnSite Senior Member
Tell her it's all the same if you did some now, or all later it works out to the same price.