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Another Insurance Question


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Hey Guys,
I've been mowing mostly residential for about five years. Next year I'll be bidding for a couple of townhouse complexes. Currently I don't have any insurance other than on my trucks. I do have plowing coverage on one truck. I live in Minnesota. Do most policies cover equipment and vehicles and general liability. Whats a good liability amount and what are some good insurance companies.

Thanks a lot for the help, Happy Holidays.


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I have $1 million general liability insurance (covers myself and one employee), as well as coverage for the equipment. That would most likely be what you need at this point. I have mine thru Erie Ins.

Some commercial clients might require more than a million in liability...

Make sure your equipment is sufficiently insured...in the event of a complete theft, you want to make sure you're getting enough money to purchase new equipment on short notice. I have heard of a few guys whose policies only paid out the "current value" of the equipment. Good luck finding good used equipment on short notice...