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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DAZ982500, Nov 9, 2005.

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    A customer I had picked up at the beginning of this year sends me a check and the NOTE!In the note he writes,"The next time you are going to charge extra(lawn cut+bagging of leaves+removal in my truck) let me know so I can wait until all leaves are on the ground then I will call you."I did not appreciate this tactic you used."This individual is out of my normal service area 12 mile drive to 1 hour to cut 35.00 dollars 1/2 ace.This should be 45-50, but since I had done a spring clean up for them I took the lawn on with the hope that this coming year I would raise to reasonable number.I do"t know if this will happen.I did not give them an estimate for leave removal because it was a normal cut luse bagging and removal this price 120.00 dollars that I caharged them was for two visits 3.5 hours of work.I thought this was reasonable, in there eyes they wanted to be advised of additional charges for the service provided.So lets say I went there 1 final time and the leaves were thicker and it took me approx. the same amount of time and I charged them lets say 120 would this of made a difference?I have customers who call me to clean the leaves up some 1x sometimes 2-3x due to the type of trees and how quickly they fall I have an established hourly rate they are aware of they thank me...Done.I am getting sick of these cheap,complaining ,impposible to satisfy people who live in these big homes with big cars but they can"t spend what in my eyes in a reasonable amount of money to make there yard look good.I wish they would standardize this field like electricians, plumbers.GOING RATE $50.OO DOLLARS AN HOUR.There it is ladie the D@m% sign can't you read?????????If I don"T stop I am going to blow a gasket (pop).Dave is the snow here yet!
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    I'll chime in first, did you let her know this could happen in advance?

    I look at things from both sides, would I have been more pissed that you mowed and left it all on the lawn or charged me extra for not doing so.
  3. LwnmwrMan22

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    Yep, you're in the wrong. You should have asked the customer how they'd like the leaves done.
  4. Varsity L&G

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    I will edit and add more. If he had a cell phone contact he could have called and told her the issue up front.

    Always good to have emergency contact info for the customer.
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    A lot of those people with big homes & big cars are so deeply in debt they don't have any extra money to spend on lawncare.
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    A lot of them are in debt and some of them are stingy too. They will spend list price on things (Luxurys) they want and squeeze the nickel until the buffalo schitts when buying services from you and me.

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    i ask them whould you like me to remove the leaves for you this year, that it cost by the hour and i will probably do it in two or three trips.....

    I dont think you where being dishonest or anything, just a miscommunication, that crap happens, id call and talk with him, and explain....

    i really like to try and stay on good terms with all of them its hard, but i think its important
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    Yeah, next time make sure you have an agreement with the customer ahead of time. . .Life is a learning process.

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