another lowballer story (this one's good)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by onemancrew, Mar 29, 2003.

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    I got a call today to give a bid on two lawns. One at the mans place of business, about 15000 sq. ft. Another was his residence about 2.5 acres of hill, hills & more rough hills. No kidding it was very rough & about 90% weeds. There was a area, about 700 sq. ft. that is so steep it will have to be cut with a trimmer. They only want it cut 2 times a month. I thought for awhile & said $300 per month. He said " we have been only paying $65 per cut. After i picked my mouth off the floor, i said you had better call him back, i can't touch that.
  2. Navig8r

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    "Hmmmm ya know the guy I pay 65.00 to now isn't good enough so I think I'll get some other bids..........hmmmmmm why is it going to cost more to do the job?, I don't understand???"

    Are some people just stupid?

    Did you ask why he was accepting/soliciting bids if he was happy with the old service?

    Maybe the last guy doesn't show up....can't see why he wouldn't wanna come earn an easy 65.00 ?!?!:rolleyes:
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    Perfect response. Try and get this info before you waste your time bidding on these AAAAA- holes. " So, why are you calling?, what are your 2003 landscaping needs?, Where is your landscaper from last year?". If their response is" We are looking for a cheap price"," trying to fit it to my strict budget", They went out of business?". Stop and turn the tides, if it doesn't work. I (you) should know after a 5 minute conversation if they want to be taken care of. Talk is talk, if I have to walk it will cost you( the potential client). Call them your potential client too. Sounds professional.
  4. SLS

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    Good advice, ConPro.

    I have found that a 3 minute phone conversation can save a ton of time and grief.

    The first thing I ask the potential customer is if they are looking for WEEKLY lawn service. If they answer "nah... just every two weeks, or so.." then I know I am dealing with a tightwad and it is time to say c-ya.

    I have one neighbor who wants his 'lawn' cut once every 3 to 4 weeks. He went through LCO's like berries through a goose. After running out of area scrubs and part-timers he had the nerve to pull into my driveway one morning while I was loading up and DEMAND that I service his lawn because I was a 'neighbor' (although this was the first time I hade ever met the ol' coot). After watching his 'lawn' escapades for 3 years I knew there was no way that I was going to work for him so I told him that I had a weekly slot open and I could mow it every tuesday....and it would cost him $50 a week (1 acre lawn). When he said he wanted it mowed "every 3 weeks or so" then I said "Fine...then it will be $200 per visit". He turned red as a beet, starting yelling at me about how he was "paying the last guy $30 each time" and that I was "crazy as hell if I thought I could get away with such outragous business practices and prices...."

    I looked over at my loaded trailer, smiled, and said:

    "That funny, but I have 50 regular clients who seem to appreciate my business practices, scheduling, and pricing structure."

    That nutjob exploded in a rage of expletives and I told him that I did not appreciate him coming on to my property and verbally attacking me. He now had two choices...leave, or be made to leave.

    Some people.......:rolleyes:
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    Sounds like my place only alittle worse. Mines 2 acres, 80% hilly (50% of that is probably too steep for a rider ZTR but not garden tractor or w/b), somewhat rough, some really rough spots and maybe 60% weeds.
  6. Organic-man

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    I assume you arent getting paid a penny to mow that place. LOL I may have found the worst lowballer yet.:rolleyes:
  7. FrankenScagMachines

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    hahahahaha!!!!! yup you're right! :blob4:
  8. Organic-man

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    I admit I am also mowing my parents' 2 acre place for nothing too. But I have level, rich, smooth lawn to cut. Actually I am paying to have this done. I bought the mower my self. So who is the real lowballer. Did your parents pay for your mower?:D :D :D

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