Another Mailbox Stuffer Question...


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The local printing company that I'm working with to have my herbicide lawn posting signs made, approached me today about advertising in their mass mailbox stuffer which will go out last week of March. I will attach a photo of what it looks like after i post this. It's on really nice card stock and it goes to roughly 15,000 home in my area, which is a nice area. My add size is roughly 6''x 2". Price is $270. There are 20 companies that advertise on it with no competitors (other than restaurants). If i do it, i will not be offering a coupon (that i know of) just an advertisement. Have any of you had experience with these? I've done a search but turned up little to no results. I know that i personally don't look at these things when they come in the mail, but my wife does. I'm on the fence about this. It's only $270 but that a chunk of change when I've already set my budget. Anyhow, let me know your thoughts, thanks guys.:usflag: