Another Mainline Reroute

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Jan 26, 2007.

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    Had a 3" main line repair today at one of our high schools. Not too deep but used the backhoe anyway because the break was at a 45 el between a pine tree and a coastal redwood. Rerouted the main instead of just cutting in another 45. The line had been pushed by roots so it no longer was a true 45 (after cutting line) and by rerouting we were able to take some of the pressure off it.

    GWHS Zone G-7 Main Line Break IV-01.jpg

    GWHS Zone G-7 Main Line Break IV-02.jpg

    GWHS Zone G-7 Main Line Break IV-03.jpg
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    Gotta love using a '90 over an expensive dresser coupler :)
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    I see that you cleaned up the nicked wires. It amazes me how often that part doesn't get done.
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    It all depends on the situation. Sometimes a Dresser coupling is in order while other times a reroute is just what is needed to accomplish the repair. Had this been 4" or larger there wouldn't have been much flex (without opening a much larger hole) so Dresser couplings would have been used. :)
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    We actually had one nicked wire and four broken wires. The nick occurred when the plumbers were originally digging by hand thinking that it was a domestic leak rather than an irrigation leak. They had shut the backflow down but it's one of those you really have to crank down with the aid of a good sized pipe wrench to get 100% stoppage of water.

    Then when we were digging it up with the backhoe the other four wires were hit because the wires twisted over the line three different times. There's actually only one active valve past this point of repair so I'll have to check the wiring when we go back out on Monday to turn the isolation valve back on. There are five other valves on the other side of the Administration Building that the zones were never finished and those areas have been watered by hand for 20+ years. It's supposed to be contracted out but until that time comes I probably won't worry about the wiring. I've R&Ded those areas (checking valve locations and indicating on a CAD drawing and checking the integrity of the wiring) three times already without the project going out to bid. We could of installed it ourselves by now. :)

    Here's a picture of the nicked wire and all the roots along the main line. We had to remove the roots using loppers, sawzall and trenching shovels so we could get to the main line and wiring.

    GWHS Zone G-7 Main Line Break IV-04.jpg
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    nice roots!!!!!!!

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