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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by gobblet, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. gobblet

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    I know there have been so many threads about what to charge for mulch installed. This is my first mulch job that the homeowner is doing the edging and weeding and is getting mulch from supply yard as a favor. I might say she makes one mighty fine edge, better than what I do for my customers. I normally charge $70 installed and light edge, what shall I charge just for throwing it? (about 15 yards,flat land,not far to haul)
  2. ZX12R

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    Most established landscapers are getting $75 per yard.I,like you,do a light edge and charge $75 per yard. If a homeowner want me to apply the supplied mulch,it's $45-$50 .
  3. The Intimidator

    The Intimidator LawnSite Member
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    Here is a question for you guy's Is that price including the mulch? I have been charging around 80$ a yard spread with no edging total cost to me per yard is 45$ delivered. so I make a average profit of 35$ per yard does that sound about right? I am new to this business and I am just starting to figure out my pricing and getting estimates correct I know I have alot to learn and I am sure learning my share from this site Thanks :)
  4. Budget

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    I get $75-$85 a yard, cost me for the good stuff $21 a yard, depending how far i drive. Edging beds is about $.75 ft. and up, depending on conditions.
  5. MSLandscaping

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    Question about the 75 a yard Spread.. What if the customer has lots of plants and flowers. I pay $32.00 a yard of redmix here in Mass. I spread it by hand , no blower.
  6. Haulin' Grass

    Haulin' Grass LawnSite Member
    from CT
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    Whatever your labor rate per hour is
  7. The Intimidator

    The Intimidator LawnSite Member
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    hmm sounds like I am pricing myself pretty good then in that department. what a difference in price on the mulch and such, That is just the going rate with the guy I deal with he is 10$ cheaper then most others plus he delivers for free :)

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