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Another neighbor problem... Cops? I dunno...


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Man I ran into this one again today... It happens maybe once or twice a year, the part I really hate is I STILL don't have the answer.
While I'm working on my customer's yard cleaning the leaves, the neighbor guy comes around complaining about leaves on his property (mind you, in the woods, where leaves already existed).

See I know the problem, it's not the leaves on his prop per se, it's they want me to kiss their tail and bend over and do their bidding, basically it's a way for them to make themselves feel BIG and GOOD, at my expense...

I told him to leave, go away...
On and on he goes, finally I gather my stuff and pack up, he says wtf are you doing? I said I am leaving (but it BURNS, it really BURNS to leave 20-30 minutes before completion, we're going out of town for x-mas so ...)

He talks about blowing the leaves back out, I said I didn't care because I wasn't coming back, and bye. Man, I was really feeling the burn...

Five minutes later he's gone, and I'm like hell, let me go over to the other side, finish that part then run over to the first part (where the problem exists) and knock that out in a few minutes, make sure get NO leaves in the stupid woods and get outta here...

Well you know it, soon as I'm back to area 1, he comes over. I told him, this time I done gave you the warning, I'm not warning you again. He's trying to be all cool now, talk about 'thanks' and 'thats all I wanted' and I said 'for the last time, you need to leave for I am real angry'...

His mouth: blablabla...
Finally, I threw my equipment down and proceeded to kick his arse. Mind you, he would have HAD to do something but he didn't, so by the time he reacted and started to get ready, I had him by the throat pretty good, and, I let go, I just didn't want it.

Of course, he now calls the popo on his cell...
By now, I'm in full gear to get done, I know I got less than 20 minutes before the popo shows up. Still, he's standing right there....

He gets off the phone and starts again with his crap...
At this point the only thing I can think of is finish and leave, finish and leave (yeah before the cops show up)... All I kept saying over and over is 'you are about to find out what I am made of' and 'you'll see' and just kept busting out the last of the leaves.

Finally, he walks off.
Me, I'm about done, pack up and get out of there ! Didn't even leave the bill (thou I came back later in my car to do so).

Whether the cops showed up, I do not know, the call could've been a bluff, but I also know he never got my registration numbers off the truck, so there is no telling.

End of story...
Continued next post...


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Now here is my problem...

Other than sticking my foot up their arse, the only other thing I've ever done is to actually give them what they want (which is a really BAD answer)... So, I do not know what to do, packing up and leaving is all dandy but my problem is no matter how I look at it, these jerks ALWAYS waste at LEAST 20-30 minutes of my time, no matter what I do, and THAT is what ticks me.

So... I been thinking...
- Sticking my foot up their tail does work, but one day it is going to land me in deep.

These two irk me because one I pay the price, two my customer pays it.
- Doing their bidding / kissing their tail is bad, very bad. Then they just come around next time, and it never ends, they always gotta come out and start the bs everytime.
- Losing the customer has crossed my mind, but I don't like it.
- Making my customer pay for the extra time IS an option, but it doesn't FIX the problem and it isn't fair to them.

Here's a new twister:
- Deal with them without anger, as best as possible, until they leave. Charge $2 / minute while dealing with them, and upon job completion leave my customer their regular bill and leave the jerk their bill for the minutes they used, $30 minimum... Description of charge: Miscellaneous Services (or something to that effect).
Of course they will not pay, once this happens I send it to my collection agency and if they still don't pay, it goes on their credit record.

The only other thing I can think of doing is when I see them coming (yeah this is one I can usually see coming for MILES, something about these jerks just gives them away), is to curl up in a little ball and start humming or mumbling to myself until they go away...

Geez, I just dunno what to do, but the worst part is the TIME, and aggravation caused by this, there has to be an effective, quick solution...


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Just ignore them, you don't work for them. Some people don't have anything better to do.


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Central Pa
if someone bothers me , lets say while mowing, i'm nice, if they get pissy, thats when i put my headphones back on, and keep going.

you don't work for them, you see they're a pita, you DON'T want to bid anything....

i get really really angry, too easily. but grabbing a person by the throat, not only will get you arressted, but will make you look really bad in your customers eyes.

sometimes just smiling, and saying "thanks, have a GREAT day!" with a slight bit of sarcasim will get them pizzed, and thats good enough for me...

i know some people are bored, and can really mess up your day, but they also can't be on your customers property, and they can't physically harm you. worst they can do is blab on and on, hence "the headphones"......


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That a boy Topsites......... ;)

It's rednecks like you that give the good LCO's a bad name. I hope the police bust your azz....
Topsites that type of response will get you no where in this business. I don't know if you are just in this business for fun or if you are in this business to make money. You are building your self quite the reputation. Keep it up.


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MS zone 7b
the guy gets himself all worked up .. then you grab his throat .. he has a heart attack. from the autopsy they find the marks on his throat .. or he pulls a gun and pops ya dead .. self defense. he even has the proof marks on his neck.

you want to really piss someone like that off .. crank up the tunes and ignore them!


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So the guy copped an attitude, then tried to apologize...so you responded by trying to strangle him???? Did I read all that correctly???

And I think regardless of whether or not he got your license plate...he could just ask your customer who did the leaves for them...


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gods own country
firstly i tell these people that i have no time for tools like them, i only tell them once its not my responsibility if they dont understand or hear me.

secondly, if that doesnt work i get my cricket bat from behind the seat of the truck and slap them in the buttocks a few times.