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I have been reading the thread that was started by Victor, and I have some questions. What do you all tell people when they call and want weed & fert programs? The lawn is in such terrible condition that 6 app. program will not bring it into shape!

Example : I have an account that no pre-emergent was put down last year. They already have broadleaf weeds, and are starting to get grassy weeds! I think they need a pre-m and broadleaf app. plus msma for grassy weeds. Problem is right now it is too cool here that msma will not kill the grassy weeds. My point is if I take care of the broadleafs and the grassy weeds plus the ferts they will have more than 6 apps. this year. Does anybody else have this problem with new customers ? I have been thinking of telling all new customers that the 6 step program I use is for maintaining a lawn not for getting one in order. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Tony

James Cormier

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Tony, be honest with people, if you think your program will not help and its not time to seed or they dont want to spend the money ( to seed ) then tell them.

I walk away from many lawns knowing what I do wont help, and most people thank you for not taking there money.

Sometimes in spring I will sell that type of lawn for one app now, (weed & feed ) then schedule a slice seed or aer & seed for late summer and finish off with a treatment in fall.

That way there on the books as a customer and your saving them some money.


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honesty is the best policy.

But I find these type of lawns to be the best advertisement for my service. No you will not have a perfect lawn in one season, but if it is in as bad of shape as you describe, you can make a dramatic improvement with as little as 3 apps. When the owner ( and neighbors) see what a difference you are making, you will probably have a customer for a long time and more of his neighbors as well. I occasionally will even make that extra treatment at no cost in order to bring the turf up to a level I can accept and better coordinate the lawn with my regular treatment schedule.

spray guy

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See what their budget is and what their main concerns are. If this
lawn is worth treating with some extra treatments besides the normal 6 step program which you already have in place or is it more cost effective to renovate and start all over?