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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Allens LawnCare, Nov 13, 2003.

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    Well here it goes. Currently working for a cable company, looking to start a small landscaping company. I have basic back ground experience. Mowing trimming mulching etc. The only thing is if I am going to start a business I want to be able to meet the demands of clients. Are there any books are anything that can help me learn more about Fertilizing and upkeep. Or can anyone recommend some classes to take. I really don't want to be just the guy who cuts lawns..........Can anyone help.
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    My advice to you is this: start with the basics and take small steps foward. Most residential customers are thrilled with people who mow, trim, blow. Some other services you can offer are hedge trimming, edging, mulching, and small tree pruning. With fertilizer if you use a dry granuler, like Scotts, follow the directions on the bag specific for one of their spreaders and you should have no problems. This is how I began and I have done well. Many of these services can be done with inexpensive tools too, perfect for those just starting out. Remember to focus on quality and sit back and watch you clientele base grow!
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    Through the link in my signature (botom of my post), you can walk your way to your state's department of agriculture. To make ANY fertilizer applications, you MUST BE LISCENSED and insured. In OH, there were a couple of "books" that came with my testing fee that were well worth the price.

    To read anything else, start searching this site. Loads of free info here, just need to find it.
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    Thanks For the info......This place helps build a positive atmosphere.
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    I don't often agree with MacLawn, but this is one that I do. If you're getting into 'Landscaping', get properly educated and licensed in the field.
    Same goes for fertilizing applications.

    If what you're really talking about is lawn care, that's much simpler, books to be found anywhere you look, including the store of this site.

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    If you are looking at doing core aeration. Check out the book titled Turning hard dirt into cold cash. Cannot remember the name of the authur, found the book at the local library. Use full information on marketing.
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    written by Robin Pedrotti
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    thaks guys......Well I'm sure I'll have some more Questions later.........Thanks Again

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