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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by turfsolutions, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. turfsolutions

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    This months lawn and landscape had multiple articles on spread and spray machines. Some old some new. One new one I had not seen before was from It is pretty much a permagreen knock off. Solid looking machine though. Anyone demo'd one before? I emailed them for a MSRP. I'll keep you posted when I find out.

    PS. I'll still being staying with my z spray. :)
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    Kinda wondering why Permagreen hasn't sued yet? my 2 cents worth
  3. turfsolutions

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    Good point.
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    Lots of Stainless, Honda engine, gotta love that. I have seen them before. It does say mid 1980's on the web site. It does look a lot like a Permagreen. The specs are very similar also. I would have to try it out with the handle bars. Looks a lot like the Exmark (lawn mower) ECS controls.
    Nice looking Machine!
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    I know someone who demoed it so I got to take it for a ride. It is easier to handle than a Permagreen in my opinion. Although the lower handles take a little getting used to. Also seems to stay a whole lot cleaner than the Magnum. They had had it our in the field for over a week and it looked as dirty as a magnum after one day. It also seems like a TON less fertilizer got under the machine where the gear box and belts are on the Permagreen. I am pretty sure that my next small rideon will be on of these units. Of course I will have to ride the T 3000 first.
  6. Ric

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    While it does look a lot like a PG I am sure there are enough improvement to ward off any Law suits. You don't see Wright Standard suing Great Dane.

    The First residential Spread N Spray Ride on I saw was in the early 90's. The Manufacture started with the Walker tractor and made many improvement including installing dual tail wheels and break away booms. But what impressed me then and still today was the constant ground speed ability of the Walker and the instrument panel that had speedometer and PSI reading and adjustment at your finger tips. Many of the features only found on a Toro 300 gallon model or bigger were there. The down side was the weight and size for hauling this machine. Any lawn that could be mowed with a Walker could be sprayed by this machine, but transporting it required a Trailer.

    I copied the Idea on my 1991 Walker 16hp because it didn't have the horsepower to mulch grass. I am now on my 3rd Walker Spread N Spray machine being that I always start with the oldest most worn out mower I had. Now that I am no longer in the mowing end of the business my 1997 Walker is still up and running fine as my Spread N Spray machine. BTW I also have a old 5 wheel JD Gator with a 100 tank for those real large jobs.

    Do a search here to posts around 2001 or 2002. There are many pictures of homemade Spread N Spray machines. I still stand by my Walker design because of it's ability to maintain a constant ground speed with a Speedometer and PSI gage to maintain that Calibration with I find most Spread N Spray are lacking.

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    I have to agree! One thing I've always liked about the Z-Spray is the speedometer & PSI guage. (The newer Z-sprays have GPS speedometers:))
  8. Ric

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    If I were to buy a manufactured Spread N Spray machine, Z Sprayer would be my first choice. Not unlike my Home build Walker, they have an electric broad cast wheel also. I am not sure if they offer a rheostat to adjust the speed but it would be easy to install one.

    BTW I also have a Speedometer and PSI gage on my old 5 Wheel JD Gator. It has one Boom-less nozzle that can spray 30ft wide. With the bypass regulator right there I can adjust it down to almost nothing. The Boom-less nozzle is attached right to the 12V Tee Jet solenoid. I am using an old D 19 hypro pump so this unit is very old equipment but up to date technology.

    PS on the Gator I have two PSI gages one at the regulator and another at the nozzle. I find a little difference between the two but not enough to matter. I did this because I ran longer hoses from the pump to the cab where I could adjust it on the fly.
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