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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by bcg, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. bcg

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    I never feel like these things are ever really done but our newest version is finally what I would call releasable, so it's now live. There are a couple of little functionality bugs that I know about and are being worked on but if anybody cares to have a look at it and notices any bugs, grammatical errors, has suggestions for improvements, etc., please have at it.

    BTW - there is both a full and a mobile version of the site so you're going to see the same content but a different look depending on whether you're looking at this from a computer or a mobile device.
  2. S&MLL

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    Looks great. And right to the point. Good luck with it!
  3. steveparrott

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    Overall very nice - big improvement over the last one. Your images are breathtaking! Of course, you know I'm a tough critic so I have a few comments.

    As with Jame's site, white text on a black page is tiring on the eyes. I'd rather see a lighter color frame for text blocks.

    I love the scroll in the center of the logo but don't like star behind the eye (looks like a bullet hole). I also don't like the way the text "professional..." spills over the edge of the white ball. Also, if the white ball is meant to be the moon, it should be shaded differently.

    I'd like to see you develop a strong tag line instead of "Professional..." - something that distinguishes you and your business.

    I'd also like to see your award-winning status (with graphics) displayed on your home page - that's a huge distinction!
  4. bcg

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    from Tx
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    Thanks for the comments.

    Steve - the first site was a huge POS that I was not happy with from the beginning. It wasn't even close to what I was promised.

    I thought you'd probably have the same comment about the text color and background, we'll look into how that might be able to be changed in the next version.

    I hear what you're saying about putting the award winning stuff on the home page, I was making a real effort to keep the home page as clean as possible to let the work make the first impression but I think you're probably right about that. I'll see how we can incorporate that without taking away from the impact of the photos.

  5. steveparrott

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    I agree that your images and what they convey about your skill should be the focus of the site - you don't want to detract from that by putting flashy distracting images on any of the pages. If I were addressing this problem, I would put the award text and images in places that were like call-outs to the images (or noticeable captions) that directly point to the images. This connects the awards to the images and makes sure that the viewer notices both.

    In fact, when i go through the pages, I see the text in some ways detracts from the images. You might consider placing the text in frames that incorporate a well-designed arrow that points to the images. You may also want to a caption under each image that describes how you designed the project - educating and impressing the consumer.

    I also forgot to mention, that you should break up your text using bullets and sub-heads - no one is going to slog through such long unbroken text.
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  6. bcg

    bcg LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Tx
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    That's a great suggestion, thank you!
  7. JimLewis

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    The site is very nice and extremely professional. I don't have enough time this evening to go over it thoroughly and make suggestions for improvement. But it's not like you need a lot of improvements anyway. Anything I would suggest would be fairly minor stuff anyway. It's already better than 95% of contractors sites anyway. I'm sure it will work very well for you, just as it is.
  8. David Gretzmier

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    very nice site. the text on what you do is possibly the best I have ever heard. cuts right to the heart of the person who loves thier home. the only change I would make is a slightly slower fade between photos. on my version of explorer the transition between photos was very slideshow clickish.

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