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    Hey Everybody,
    My name is James Livelli, and I just recently started "Myrtle Beach Lawn Care" down here in South Carolina. Yes, the same classy Myrtle Beach with the recent bike week shootings, the college football coach with the youtube vid saying "cat in the house, CAT IN THE HOUSE?!?!?!", and the TLC show about a bunch of idiots in a trailer park.

    Anyway, in all honesty I started cutting grass just to get the Mrs off my back following a new (well, new to me) lawn mower purchase. I was cutting my lawn the last three years using a front wheel drive craftsman. It did the job, but to get the traction on the front wheels you needed to push the hell out of it. Pretty counterproductive. So I found a guy selling an electric start Toro "personal pace" on craigslist. I met with him and demo'd the like new mower, and offered/paid $200 with a smile on my face. I love this thing. It really does tote itself along great, so I truly only need to walk behind it and steer. I know it wont last long in a commercial setting, but for the time being it's all I've got.

    At the moment, my gear consists of the 22" Toro, an Stihl FS45 trimmer, B&D Edgehog, B&D 18" Hedge trimmer, and a Worx WG502 blower/vac, all loaded into my 1999 5-speed Ford Ranger. But for those who've paid me to service their yards, I can deliver satisfaction. I conpletely understand that my gear will only last so long in the setting I'm using it, but I am trying to source reconditioned or refurbished Echo/Stihl/Husq equipment for future use. I'm not about to get a loan so I can go but an enclosed trailer filled with a fleet of new edgers, trimmers, and a ZTR. Right now I am happy to just walk my toro around making $30/yard listening to MP3's. I would love to see my business flourish and become something greater, but my focus is on just getting/keeping 6-10 customers until I can prepare for expansion. I see the ads every fall/winter of equipment getting sold due to the closing of a young business.

    I guess what I'm driving at is, Hi, I'm James, and I cut grass for money.

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