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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by kamikaze_fish, Mar 19, 2013.

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    So, here's my story. I'll give the shorter version. Sister had a riding mower. She couldn't get it to start so she gave it to me. I disengaged the blades, started it, and drove it home..that simple. It's mostly junk but got the job done. I've wanted to get into lawn care for a while, but no idea where to start.
    Meanwhile, a friend of mine got into lawn care again. Been doing it for years. :drinkup:
    My wife just decided we should move. :rolleyes: I wasn't very eager to do that but then the new landlord said they pay for lawn care. Wife thought this would be a selling point for me. She was right (although she thought I'd be happy to not have to mow). I worked out a deal to do the lawn care with the landlord on all their yards. :weightlifter:
    Riding mower broke :cry:. I started doing the math and figured out I can buy a Toro timecutter 42" and have it paid for by the end of summer with these yards I'm doing. :clapping:
    So, at this point, I'm going to see if I can pick up a little bit more and see how I can do.
    Oh, forgot to throw in there, the friend of mine that got back into it, has kind of taken me under his wing and is teaching me the ropes.

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    It is MUCH better to buy a used COMMERCIAL mower than a brand new residential one. Toro timecutter = residential= it will break!!!! If I were you I would get an older commercial walk behind $1000-$1200 on craigslist and start cutting.
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    I really don't disagree. I just wanted to go with something that wasn't overkill for just a few yards, had a warranty and could be financed, comes from a reputable service/dealer close by, and something I can hold onto for my own yard should this turn out to be a flop of an idea. It also helps a ton, that once I am beyond warranty, I can do my own work instead of relying on someone else. My future plan is growth. After talking with my wife, she wants to help out. So, if when get this paid off, if business is good, I'll look at purchasing a commercial mower and we'll mow together until the toro gives out.
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    Wow, much respect to all of you that have done this for a while. Certainly isn't easy work getting clients. Bidding is also tough for someone that's not done it. I've had fun though. I've been helping my friend that's in the business so I can get some experience and it looks like I'm going to take your advice beast and pick up a used commercial mower.

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