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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by promower, Dec 10, 2003.

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    I have a customer thats owes me $60 for the past 3 months. Tried calling but phone is disconnected. Stopped by his home and he does still live there but he doesnt answer the door. Is it worth taking someone to court over such a small amount, if anyone has expierence with this how much are court costs. Also would it be easier to call a collections agency. I dont really want to be spending a lot of time or money on this but I want this guy to pay.
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    i just asked the same question a couple days ago. its under "customer wont pay" it has lots of useful ways to get your money. hope this helps

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    I have several customers that owe me the same thing... I don't think it is worth our time to collect such a low amount through court etc... however I will keep going by their houses and trying to get the money myself. Also... I find that sometimes sending out a nasty letter saying you are going to take them to court will sometimes make them pay.
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    I read all the posts on this subject, very helpful info. But i have this problem. I have this bad check ($60). This is in addition to her owing me for the her last months service of $90. When i informed her of this bad check she immediately sent $125 and said she would send the rest within a month. Well its been almost 2 mths and i have called her 5 times within the last 2 weeks. No return calls. I need some help with this please, i am contemplating going to her house tonite to see if i can get it. Otherwise i will have to go to the courthouse. But when i go up there, do i mention the fact of what she has paid or just inform them of this check???
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    Hi Promower,

    Here is a post that is quite long, dealing with this same topic.

    customer wont pay

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    Guys, the best thing to do is turn these kind of clients into collections. The collection agency I work with takes 30%, and the first thing they do is turn it in to Credit bureau. Small price to pay considering it will always be on their credit report until they pay. And if you really want get their goats. You can call I believe its something like your revenue service bank and get set up charging interest until the bill gets paid.

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