Another one... Case CTL vs. CAT CTL

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    Stuvey, We had 30" dumped on us and then another couple feet four days later. My little TL 120 outworked a 185 NH wheelie 2 speed by far. The wheelie boys couldn't get to the top of a driveway on a good hill and push down...they had to work up hill. I could simply walk through 3' snowdrifts w/o much compaction, turn around and push downhill. My production was almost 2x as good. I didn't need to buy 'winter tracks' either...just was curious about them...glad I did...they will stay on year round.

    Too many variables for you guys to make blanket statements. I've pushed lots of snow in a wheelie skid too.
  2. swanny

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    I don't know. Friend of mine dumped snow in snow melter at the Pentagon...said it worked great...lots cheaper than hauling it away.
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    Thanks for all the replies everyone... not to sound like the idiot here but what exactly is the difference between MTL and CTL?

    I'm thinking that the pros of a tracked machine in the summer out weigh the cons of it in the winter, but we really need a good year round machine. I suppose we could always do the VTS deal but that's a lot of extra ching that could go to something else. I might just end up checking with Bobcat again to decide what we really want to do.
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    Multi Terrain Loader and Compact Track Loader. MTL has torsion axles, squirrel cage to drive lugs on the bottom of the track, rubber to rubber contact at wheels and track = much nicer ride with less vibration, but more costly to maintain. CTL has a sprocket that drives a rubber track that has metal imbedded in the pitch area...metal to metal contact even on the all metal wheels.

    IMO, CTL tracks are easier to take off and on, cheaper to replace, cheaper to maintain. But the MTL tends to put more traction on the ground due to the track treads going all the way across.
  5. S&S Outdoor Services

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    Thanks for clearing that up for me.
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    I have owned a Case ctl and currently own a Cat mtl. I can tell you from the experiance of owning both that the mtl gets better traction than the ctl. The mtl also has a way better ride.

    I ran the Case ctl for two years and took all of the abuse of it's ridgid ride. The first time I used the Cat mtl it felt like I was floating on the ground the ride was so smooth.
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    So I stopped by the Case dealer today, liked those guys a lot. Ran out of time so I didn't get a chance to try out any of their equipment. Turns out that dealer does sell ASV also, anybody have experience with these? The rep told me it would work better for snow and might work better for our hardscaping stuff in the summer?? I think I'll stop there again next week and see if I can run an ASV and a Case, I'll let ya know what I find out.
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    lol, check out the cat mtl vs. asv mtl thread, plenty of info and ego in there!
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    ASV builds their machines specifically for and MTL U/C. Very much like Takehuchi for the CTL UC. I'd run a Case/VTS personally but, I'm also a Powertanfan. Case,Cat,Deere,NH etc all just stick a CTL UC on a SSL.
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    :rolleyes: I'm finished, finito, capute. :sleeping:

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