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    This winter during a 3 day snow event my wife and I had a baby, and we got about 30" of snow. I worked for about 50 hrs just trying to keep driveways open in case of emergencies, I cleaned side walks one day but they filled right back in because of the snow was still falling, so I decided to just concentrate on the drives. The forecast said continuing snow tonight quiting in the morning, I figured I would go to the hospital and see my new baby get 3 hrs. sleep and do a final clean in the morning.
    As I walk into the hospital my cell rings it is my pita customer wondering why I did not clean the sidewalk? I told him because it is a blizzard out and when the snow stops everything will be cleaned, he continued to complain and I told him Ill be there in the morning.
    After winter was over I sent them a letter telling them that I would not be doing there mowing.
    A couple of days ago he ask another lco ( a friend of mine ) who was working next door, why he thought his lawn was dyeing? Joe told him his irrigation was not working right and that he should call Mike's lawn care as he is very good with irrigation systems, this PITA tells Joe that Mike's Lawn care dropped him and he cant understand why because he is not happy at all with his current LCO.

    Long story short What goes around comes around.

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