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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by A1Lawns, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. A1Lawns

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    I was looking to buy lawn application yard signs and was told about 'RND Signs'.

    After checking out this web site the idea of passing out ads on a lawn stick right next to the mailbox interested me. They even promote it.
    What do you guys think of this idea?

    It's legal, it's not in or anywhere on the mailbox (God forbid), and the ad won't be just lying on the ground like garbage.

    I actually like this idea but I'm sure there are the naysayers out there to debunk this.
  2. A1Lawns

    A1Lawns LawnSite Member
    Messages: 217

    Cmon, nobody has any feedback here? I think this could be a great idea how to get thousands of ads out FAST.
    I was also thinking a similar way of doing this would be to buy cheap stand up bags and placing the ad inside and leaving it next to the mailbox.

    What do you guys think???

    Any other similar ideas??
  3. CrimsonLawnCare

    CrimsonLawnCare LawnSite Member
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    not a bad idea, never thought of it before to be honest with you i dont see why not, if you do try it you gotta let me know how it went another similiar idea i had was to get magnets printed off and just slap them on the outside of the mail boxes, the only down side is they would have to be metal, but i do have alot of neioborhoods that have metal mailboxes in my area not sure about you though
  4. Sunstate Lawn

    Sunstate Lawn LawnSite Member
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    Ya, let us know how it works out!
  5. A1Lawns

    A1Lawns LawnSite Member
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    I will definately let you guys know how it works out.

    I won't be ready to start dong this until next week sometime, but once I'm ready, I imagine I should be able to get 1,000+ out a day, rather easily by myself.
    I have a place to buy the bags in bulk, a place to buy the stuff I'm going to weigh the bags down with (3/4" stone), and as soon as I'm done printing my ads I'm off! :weightlifter:
  6. landscaperdan

    landscaperdan LawnSite Member
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    Hi. 1,000 a day and all you will be doing is pushing a stick into the ground? Sounds too simple. I would really like to know how you do with this concept. One thought: instead of stones, wouldn't grass seed be a better offering to your potential customers? Keep us posted and GOOD LUCK!
  7. gander54

    gander54 LawnSite Member
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    I think more people would be frustrated with someone sticking a stick and sign in their yard than a regular door hanger. Just my opinion though...but good luck and let us know how it goes....
  8. Enzo

    Enzo LawnSite Member
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    I wouldnt just go about putting these things in peoples lawns. If they arent your client they will probably get mad and in a way its false advertising because in a sense its saying that you almost represent that lawn and you did the work there. Unless your only putting them in where you have done work then its all ok. I am just a little confused on how your doing it.
  9. MowerJockey

    MowerJockey LawnSite Member
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    In Southwest Michigan we have building contractors who put up those step-in-the-ground signs while they are working on a property. The sign stays a week or so after they finish and then they retrieve the sign. A friend of mine is a roofer, sider and framer and he does over $2mil worth of work a year and says a fair amount of his customers come from those who see his signs.

    As far as the mailbox, as long as it is not on or in the box itself you are good; you can hang whatever you want on a mailbox post or in the ground around it.

    The signs you showed I didnt look closely at the actual signs but the look small. My buddy uses those signs exactly like what litters the neighborhoods during political compaigns?!!?!?! However, he puts the sign in front of the house so when people look at the house they see the sign too. Think about it, when you drive by house do you first look at the mailbox or do you look at the focal point of the property?

    Now of course there are some clients who wont let him post the sign but he says its far and few in between. My buddy loves to talk and be personal with people so I think he gets most of his clients to let him because they like him. He finds most people so proud of what he did on their house they cant stop talking about it.

    I personally think a modest size, but readable sign would be a big, but cheap advertisement.

    Good luck cuz this form of advertising works in SWM for our building contractors.
  10. BeautifulBlooms

    BeautifulBlooms LawnSite Senior Member
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    Anyone who has one int he lawn might be pissed because it looks as is you are advertising that you take care of their lawn. It doesnt sound like a good idea.

    I mean i have no problem making 99% of the people I distribute the flier into their paperbox throw it away, thats not a big deal now you are going to make them bend over pick it up and then throw it away. I bet you get a lot of calls asking for you to stop doing it.

    It would get your name out quick though so maybe the complaints phone calls are worth the hassle if people do call for service? I just dont know if I would want my name and number on there because I hate dealign with complaints!

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