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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by keithslawnc, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. keithslawnc

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    I want to spend out some post card via EDDM this spring. I have my postal routes picked out and want to hit 4825 addresses. I plan on sending out two
    separate mailing about three weeks apart, so i hit every address twice. I plan on send approximately 1600 every week for six weeks. My question is would it be worth it to send three mailings to each address? Would I see a large enough increase in response to justify the expense. Has anyone one done two or three mailings per address in the same campaign?
  2. TheCuttingHedge

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    Frankly, no. At least in my area, I've had nothing but negative responses from repeated mailings.
  3. dKoester

    dKoester LawnSite Gold Member
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    Maybe because you sent the same one to every house 3 times. Its all about copy.
  4. TheCuttingHedge

    TheCuttingHedge LawnSite Member
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    Actually, we sent out one for spring cleanups, fertilization & weed control, one for weekly lawn cutting, and one for fall cleanups. All very different, and all months apart.
  5. wbw

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    My guess is that the months apart part is the problem.
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  6. NC Greenscaper

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    I did a mailer post card a few years back. I can't recall the specific number but it was at least 15000 households. I got 2 calls and was able to meet with one of the two for an estimate for weed control who wanted his yard sprayed one time. His yard was full of weeds.

    Advertisement professionals will say that you can't expect immediate results, that is all a matter of keeping your name in front of the perspective buyers through repeated attempts. Personally I think mailings are huge waste of money. The people who read the advertisements that come in the mail aren't the people who are going to use my service.
  7. keithslawnc

    keithslawnc LawnSite Member
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    Anyone else got any thoughts?
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  8. Efficiency

    Efficiency LawnSite Bronze Member
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    it can work if you know what you want to accomplish with it. 1% response rate used to be good. Now, you are lucky to get 1/3 or 1/2 that amount.

    DLONGLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i dont see where you can go wrong with advertising. Depending on what your advertising if you make an initial investment of 5k dollars in advertising a direct mail campaign for 10,000 homes to be contacted 2 times 3 weeks apart.

    10,000 x .005-.01 (1/2 of a percent to 1%) = 50-100 calls. If you land 60 of those calls jobs, at as little as 1,000 dollars per year, thats an initial investmnet of 5,000 dollars and you are getting 60,000 in business. And that is less than 1%.

    Twice a year, for 4 years and you will be spending 40k in advertising with a payback of almost 480,000 in business after 4 years.

    First year: 120,000 sales
    Second Year: $120,000 plus another $120,000
    Third Year: $240,000 plus another 120,000
    Fourth year 360,000 plus another $120,000

    TOTAL AFTER FOUR YEARS: $480,000 sales

    Assuming that you are continuing the contract each year.

    So your up $440,000 in 4 years. Not bad right?
  10. dKoester

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    I don't think the kids on here understand.

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