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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by nascar3888, Mar 19, 2006.

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    I was called to quote a residential job today. And was happy to see it was a large piece of property the owner said he has 26 acres. But I was so surprised at the size of this job that I didn’t ask if he kept the whole 26 acres cut. Problem is the largest piece of property I ever quoted (Only been doing this on a part time basis for a year) is 3 acres and I have that quoted at $90 a visit. I only guesstimate the time it takes to cut, edge, and blow and have only made one mistake (shorted myself about $12 a visit) so I’m doing pretty good with the guessing (til Now). I really want this account for obvious reasons and I don’t want to come off looking like I don’t know what I’m doing so asking them (now after I walked the property with them) how much lawn they keep cut is out of the question. What I was thinking of doing is, quote the job as an 18 acre yard and tell them that because of all the trees that are on the property getting a accurate quote is difficult and would readjust it after I had a chance to time the first cut. That way if I’m too cutting 20+ acres the increase isn’t as bad as quoting it at 10. And if it’s only 10 acres I getting a great price for the job.
    But this brings up another question. These folk are wealth; he owns a machine shop. I haven’t had the opportunity to deal with wealth people before, is it possible that people would actually pay $450 bucks a week to have their lawns cut? And Is $450 reasonable to start with.? Thanks Guys for any help
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    First off, 3 acres goes for around 150 in my neck of the woods... The cost per acre starts at 60 / acre for 1 acre lots, then it gradually comes down / acre as the lots grow larger, it costs less / acre (but still a larger lot costs more in total money than a smaller one).

    Hence, a 1 acre lot is 60, 2 acres might be 110, 3 would be 150 and 4 I might do for 175 thou technically 185-190 is right. 5 acres is 210, 6 is 240, 7 = 270.
    To give a quick break-down / acre:
    - 1 acre = 60 / acre, 2 is 55 / acre, 3=50, 4 = 45, 5 = 42, 6 = 40, 7 = 38.57
    hence, it gets cheaper / acre.

    8 is 300, 9 is 330, 10 is 350 (now at 35 / acre and dropping towards 30).
    To shorten things, once you get past a certain point, the lowest the price goes down to is 25 / acre, so a 26 acre lot costs 650 dollars.

    You best have some serious equipment, it would take me 2 full days with my 48" 1-year old Wb, at 650 that's 375 / day, not too bad. But, I would walk (or better yet, drive like with a 4-wheeler) through and over a lot of that terrain and feel the lay of the soil, because there's no telling if a lawnmower can handle this.

    And yes, you need to ask if he wants all 26 acres cut, that's all there is to it. Keep in mind it may be the kind of property that requires a tractor (and I mean a tractor) because if it's just land with grass that doesn't mean it is all turf, and to use a lawn-mower you really want turf and not some rutted hill-filled terrain that's made for horses, so to speak.
    Hope that helps.
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    Around here, believe or not, $450 would be right in the ballpark for this cut (provided there isn't oodles of trees and obstacles). Going rate for wide area mowing around here is 20 bucks per acre. 26 acres would put us at $520 per cut.
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    I have a 1 year old 60" Cub Tank and an old Keys 36" wb with a new engine
    most of my equipment is new and of commercial grade. The turf is good as far as holes and what not, but the lawn is a grass/weed mix. Thanks Guys

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