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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AllSeasonsAllReasons, Feb 19, 2001.

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    Ok here goes nothing! I have for equipment a 48 inch john deer walk behind belt drive with 17 hp kawasaki a toro pro recycler 21 A husky edger walk behind a set of husky hedge trimmers 30 inch double sided blades. A echo back pack blower. echo line trimmer a 14 ft lanscape trailer 82 full size blazer.. One man to start with me and a part time guy if needed! The question i have is about how many acounts could a guy like me with the equipment i have handle with out killing themselves??? Thanks for everything guys!! this website has put alot of my fears away from starting this venture, i am now more excited than scared about jumping into this! Thanks again Cory
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    One thing to remember is you've got crawl before you walk,
    so just start by getting a few accounts maybe around 20 or so, then weed out some of your problems then take more on till you know your maxed out. With the mowers you have your magic number is around 50, depending on lawn size.

    Good Luck!
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    depending on the size if you figure 6 - 7 hrs a day of mowing ( not including drive time, lunch, etc.) and assuming all lawns are about 30 min. 10 acct. a day puts you at 5 hrs of actual mowing x 4 days a week (just in case you have rain or brake downs) 40 accts a week ? I am a one man company i have a 60" lazer (so i can mow some more than you) last year i took care of 35 mowing accts. ranging from 15 min - 2 hrs on a good week 3 days no problem. the other days were spent fertilizing and odd jobs. this is just my opinion but the more you work the more you make and i personally think that is a low number. I think the problem your first year will be finding enough work to keep you busy
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    I would find enough to keep yourself busy to start with and keep adding more until you can't handle it by yourself. The longer you work by yourself, the better off you will be. Once you hire someone, you then need workmans comp and all the other things that go along with hiring someone. One guy can handle 15 small acounts a day by yourself if they are fairly close together.
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    Hello Everybody:

    There is no way to answer this? What size accounts will you be going after?

    I had accounts that ranged from $135 a month to $2,000 + a month? How many can you or one more can do, I have no clue?

    It would probably be best to stick with smaller accounts until you get a good feel for things. The bigger accounts are sometimes slower paying, as some commercial accounts are. Then this is where you need extra operating capital.

    Me I like residential better not as much money, but if you can keep them for a year, you be able to keep them no matter what in most cases? Residential will give you Loyality, a lot of Commercial accounts will not!

    Read as much as you can on this Forum & it will be Straight up from there!
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    I can handle 50 by myself. They range from 1/3 acre to 2.5 acres. Last spring I had a govt contract that was about 70 per cut and still did about 35 residentials I had with me and 1 helper. Your equipment will determine the amount you can do as well as your equipment. I can do about 90 to 100 with 1 helper. Of course it helps with a ZTR. With what you have probably about 75-80 with helper. As you both get better and used to each other you will speed up tremendously.

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