ANOTHER reason for the large MASSES of scrubs!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Doster's L & L, May 17, 2004.

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    This is a copy/paste of my reply from the "too many scrubs!!" or "i hate scrubs" thread. Here's a point that has never been brought up, not that i've ever seen on lawnsite, so i'm gonna give my opinion. I believe i'm right. What do you think? Yea or nay.

    Do you really want to know why there are SO MANY scrubs???? All of the US jobs/factories are going to Mexico or over to China! Do you want to know ANOTHER reason why there are so many scrubs??? If any of you that are griping about too many scrubs in the market, that have mexican labor, need to thank themselves for this catastrophe! If you didn't have the mexican labor (legal or not) the scrubs would not be a scrub because they would be working for YOU!!! I'm not saying that you need to fire ALL of your immigrant labor first thing in the morning either, but the next time you go to hire someone, THINK OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FIRST!!! Think of it like this. For each immigrant you hire, there is one more scrub with a MTD or Murray competiting with you. Immigrant labor is becoming a problem in the US. Its not a problem here in my town, but it's creeping closer all the time. Something needs to be done to fix this.
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    Hi Mate,

    yeah I read it earlier and agree, though I'm not American and our industries are somewhat different I've come to learn, your points make good sense to me.

    In country Australia for the fun of telling, scrubs are as bad, real grubs! The reason our industry is flooded is unemployment rate, and retirees, the 2 biggest factors that effect me is the rediculous cash in hand prices they charge, and work quality which is excepted because they are sooo cheap.

    Many other factors as we all know in this, which I don't wanter enter into right now, but in country areas the theory of there is plenty to go around, scrubs make you money etc, scrubs don't hurt your biz etc, mate it is B.S!

    If I could get the retirees alone to get real with pricing I wouldn't now be thinking how to get work over winter, lost 3 very big commercials over the last week, I had them, at the last minute they get a lower offer, you should see the work, a joke! And I am at the point that this rough as guts lowballing mongrel opposition has got me thinking about selling the new Toro, there isn't the work in the country, not when every man and his dog is cutting for beer money and uninsured yet still somehow gets commercial, WTF!

    Yeah I know plan your business or fail, not a newbie to business that's for sure, and been in this game long enough to know how it ticks, this season is much worse than last regarding scrubs, but a common feedback is they stopped coming....yes, but clients want me to work at their price, so yes they get me doing quotes, no they don't give work, it's all about price folks, in country australia anyway.

    note: australian retiree scrubs and general scrubs should be the only people offended by anything I just typed j/k. I am not talking about Americans or your industry, just mine for conversation sakes :)
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    i tried to edit, but didn't save it in time.

    Before everyone starts thinking i'm griping about scrubs, i'm not! I don't like the fact that people are resorting to mowing grass to fall back on since the factories are shutting down, but people have to earn a living somehow. Live and let live, right? Yes. That's right. It sucks that things are this way and yes it does hurt the real professionals to have moe, dick, and harry out there doing mediocre work and are able to continue growing their biz due to low prices. We get a bad image from scrubs, our knowledge that we got from college is diminished or atleast overlooked.

    I think what i mentioned above in the start of the thread will alleviate some of the problems that we have with scrubs. These are just my opinions and i tried to look at all points of view. If there are other opinions, procede to opine.

    Oh, hi mate!

    Sorry to hear about the bad news down unda. SCrubs are getting as thick as ticks in a dog's ear. I have alot of residential accounts, so i dont get hit as hard as someone that maintains commercial accounts. In america, we need to get our factories back. This will hopefully get our accounts back! When will it happen though??

    Good luck to you.
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    Doster, In my day job I am a plant manager with anywhere from 50 to 200 employees depending on our build rate. We're real rural so there aren't any mexicans or any other illegals here. However a local farm company has started bringing in mexicans to work in their pig barns. There is usually a house on the farm so about 10 of these guys move in and then a few weeks later the wife and kids show up. Over the past 5 months this farm company has been put into receivership. Now they are all applying at my factory for jobs. We are a Union shop and are about to start contract negoiations. The union has no idea that these guys are even looking for jobs. I have the final say on all the hiring and firing so I'm going to be in a tough spot soon. These guys are willing to work for about 1/2 to 2/3 of our starting wage.
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    I'm not by any stretch of the imagination a pro union person,but...................
    You would consider scabbing out the jobs to mexicans that are not citizens in a union environment?
    That sounds like hary cary to me.
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    80% of the american population is LAZY , especially the under 30 ones. And dont want to work for a living. 80% of the mexicans are hard working, dependable, honest employees.

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    Scrub this, scrub that. Geez, get over it. They aren't going away. I see scrubs as opportunity. When Mrs. Smith realizes she has screwed up by hiring a scrub and saving a few bucks, she will call me after Mr Scrub has totally hacked up the yard. Keys for a successful biz??? Be DEPENDABLE and do QUALITY work. Simple as that. I haven't advertised in 10 years, and I'm picking up more work then LCO's that are advertising.
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    A murry or mtd cant compete with an exmark, so that among other things makes them unable to compete with me. Hence they are not my competition. The guys i worry about have 2 exmarks, not just one like me.
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    I never said I was hiring them and these guys are supposed to be legit, they are here on work visas. Most have some formal training to work on pig farms. Now they are "stuck" here. Last year I hired 35 people and only two survived the cut. I have 200 resumes sitting on my desk and there are only about 10 people I would even consider interviewing.
    PS, I used to be the Chief Steward and I in fact brought the union into our company. At the time it was needed. I wasn't talking about hiring scabs, the rest of my family would kill me first.

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