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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by K&L Landscaping, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. K&L Landscaping

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    Lengthy story but I will make it brief. Landed another large industrial park for 2006-2008. Equipment inventory was already suffering because of other large areas. So, I call my dealer yesterday about 4:30 and asked him how quick I could get 2 JD 777s 72" mowers. He made 1 phone call and said he would have them this Friday around 12:00. I was expecting him to say a few weeks or something along those lines. It seems that every experience I have with JD is a positive experience and I cannot say that about any other manufacturer that I have done business with. I know I have been accused of being a JD cheerleader and a JD fanatic on this site but with this kind of service; how can I not be?
  2. westwind

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    Our local JD dealership has been in the area for over 50 yrs. We have purchased all three of our skid-steers thru them, and the service has always been excellent. Have yet to try any of thier "new" mowers, but have been impressed with the skids!!
  3. EXspyguy

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    If they are so good why didn't he have them in stock? This time of year the dealer should be full of new inventory.
  4. heather lawn sp

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    There always has to be a downer. . .
  5. MMLawn

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    Don't sweat this guy K&L, check all of his past post. All he ever does is come on LS and promote eXmark and bash all the other brands..... :laugh: Keep loving the Deere K&L and the unbeatable 7 Iron Deck :drinkup:

    Plus, a 72" mower in any brand is NOT their big sellers. The 60" and 52/54" decks are and that is what most dealers therefore stock.

    BTW, eXmarkguy.....err I mean exspyguy, all three of my dealers here would have had them in stock.....I have NEVER waited for delivery of a JD ZTR and I own a lot of them.
  6. POPO4995

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    Some dealers arent as big as others and dont have the room to stock them, and dont have the demand to stock them, but like said above. "Come pick them up Friday" is what you can expect from a JD Dealer. For instance, my JD dealer stocks mostly residential tractors and push mowers because he is located in a town of 30,000 people and doesnt have a high demand for commercial equipment. I have gotten all my equipment, after ordering, in no longer than 1 week:dancing: :dancing: :dancing:
  7. MMLawn

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    :laugh: :laugh: Sorry, I couldn't let this one go. NOW this is even funnier and before you say it I am NOT in some little podunk area as my shop is in a city of about 250K people with another city of 100K pop 10 miles down the road and neary 1M people in the entire metro area, so we have many commercial mower dealer of all brands including mulitple dealers of the same brands. Now there are two exmark dealers including the "main" used exmark dealer located literally only about 2 and 4 miles from my shop. I just called them BOTH and NEITHER of them has a new 72" exmark in stock......but "they can order me one".......

    POT, KETTLE.....BLACK :laugh: :laugh:
  8. DLCS

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    My closest Exmark dealer is 40 miles away and they only stock maybe 1 or 2 Exmark mowers just not a big demand for commercial mowers in my area.

    John Deere dealer here can get just about any piece of equipment in a week or less, if its not stocked, good enough for me.:)
  9. Runner

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    Did he say Friday, as in this riday? 3 days is NOT bad turnaround time for an order. Our Exmark dealer don't stock a whole lot of 72's, either. They DO move a whole boatload of 60's, though. Here, we got ALL these guys taking the early retirement buyout that was just offered from GM. Hold on to your hats, local guys. Here they come!
  10. EXspyguy

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    Never did I bash a brand in my statement, Just saying MOST dealers are loaded pretty heavy this time of year. If they are only stocking two or three pieces then they are not representing the line very well.

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