Another sad fatal accident


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people need to respect the limits and capabilities of their machines, proper training and re-training needs to be done to ensure safety. The article (if you would call it that) didn't give any indication of location, however most do occur around ponds, people should be using weed wackers, walk behinds or push mowers when working around these dangerous locations!

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I watched the video and it appears the fellow simply done what many of us have done many times. Mowed close to the edge of a crown of a hill. But this day for whatever reasons this spot got the best of the mower.... then he did some spinning and sliding around trying to save himself before going to meet his maker.

They didn't say what kind of mower it was, but I would bet it was another zero turn rider.

I had a similar thing happen to me just since I bought the Lesco. A place I've mowed hundreds and hundreds of times before. Mowing along the edge of a whack-only slope, at an uphill direction of travel.. and on the edge of this ledge there is a city water meter sitting inside a dip. Basically I came along at a slower rate of speed than I ever had, and when I crossed the dip the rear tire dropped in it as always, but the mower wedged up just a split second, as this is one of those places that forces one front tire in the air, and in that split second the tire just sorta rolled off the front corner of the meter with a lateral wiggle as it hit the turf. The mower wiggle like so \ and in an instant I was in trouble.

Lucky for me I yanked up the brake in time and got off. With the help of a couple people I was able to get it out of it's binding situation and bring it to a point where it was safe to drive out and away.


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Roll bars and seat belts can be a pain in the butt, but they're there for a reason. I'm putting them on both of my Turf Tigers this winter. I'd rather deal with limbs, than the aftermath of a roll over.

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mowtech said:
It was a zero turn machine.
I figured as much...

These ZTR's are nice in many ways, but at the same time they are also unpredictable and dangerous. But for some reason, there seems to be a great "air of denial" about this. I just hope that those who buy into that will wise up an realize these machines can kill you just as quick as you can make the decision that the mower has earned your trust.


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firstclasslawncareandplow said:
I just keep telling the guys that its better to jump off and have to pull the ztr out of the pond/ ditch/ woods than to lose a friend.
Good advice, but believe it or not unfortunately in most of these cases there is not enough time to jump.