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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by StBalor, Aug 17, 2011.

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    nepatsfan-I dont get on this site to criticize people or the information they give. Obviously you have tons of time on your hands. I was offering advise on how to conduct business in a way that has worked EXTREMELY well for myself. In my reply you can see that I said "Proper Equipment".

    My advise to anyone would be not to listen to anyone that logs on here to tell people to just "run away". The secret to good business is maintaining lasting relationships. Especially when a client is in need. It does not sound like the guy is not going to pay up. He just wants to cut a deal as do most people. If you are just starting out then you are not going to get top dollar anyways. When you are starting out you need to gain eperience. Pricing is an art. Everyones goal is to generate revenue! I would have a face to face visit with the guy in his hospital room and see what you can work out. If the numbers do not make sense, then dont do the work. If you can complete the task in a satisfactory manner and still clear a profit, I would do the work. Staying busy and making someone happy is worth its weight in gold. I have done it numerous times and I have added new clients because of situations just like this.
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    I dont have the time to get on here and give out false information or uninformed info. You are telling someone how long a job should take that you have not seen pictures, walked the property, or know anything more than what the OP told you. To put a time frame on a job you have never seen may generate revenue but I think everyone in business is in it for profit.
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    Guys no need to needle each other, i was just looking for advice. I was originally thinking about writing up a contract for the neighbor to sign but i have decided against that. I also do not feel comfortable going to the hospital talking to the client about work when he is sick and in the hospital, i know i would not appreciate my bill collectors visiting me in the hospital talking about how i am going to pay them.
    I have already talked to the neighbor and told him i would have to wait till the client contacted me personally before i could do any work at the property.
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    I would agree with that, I would have a hard time "visiting" a client in the hospital to get details on a job. needling just commenting

    Good luck with that:drinkup:

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