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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Green Sweep, Feb 5, 2003.

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    I heard a few years ago that Scotts commercial fertilizer division was bought out by The Andersons. Scott's markets the fact that they 'exclusively use Scotts products' I was just curious if they use Anderson's? Or, do they go to Home Depot & buy their fertilizer? Yeah, I know, thats ridiculous but what do they use?

  2. philk17088

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    They do not use the same stuff that is sold to homeowners. They use the same types of granular ferts as the rest of the industry. It maybe formulated and bagged to their specs but it is the same.
  3. youcantdothat

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    Rob..Scotts LawnService uses only Scotts FERTILIZERS manufactured by The Scotts Company, available only to Scotts LawnService.

    PHILK..Do your homework, that statement is not true.

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    actually it is poly s coated ferts. for most of the US, 33-0-0 w/ pendimethilin at 2lb n rd1.....trimec 992 with not enough dimension to piss out rd 2. 36-3-7 50% slow release rd 3+4 and 32-3-6 field fert 100% fast release rd 5+6. Pound that N with no roots. No wonder deep green up in spring, but can you guess the excuses on the first week of 90 degree weather in the summer....ethics? to the origional qoute, 3.65/1000 + 25stop
    aerate 14.50/1000 grub 2x app price and combo of all with complete program 5.4/1000 + 25stop x 8...but no property in measured anywhere close to the same. call it barefoot re-treads or chemlawn part 2:alien:
  5. philk17088

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    It ain't the Scott's fertilizer that is sold retail!

    I've friends that work there and I 've seen it put down on lawns!
    I have done my homework.
  6. philk17088

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    Oh by the way. Anderson's now sells the "ultra secret "Scott's Lawn service spreader. They didn't even change the color of the darn thing.:p

    CCLAWN LawnSite Member
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    LOL:dizzy: Looks like someone else knows most of the secrets
  8. Kent Lawns

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    The branch here uses fertilizer in a LESCO bag.
  9. dougaustreim

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    Did Andersons buy part of Scotts, or was it the other way around? I thought I had heard that Scott's bought the Andersons.

    Scotts has certainly stirred some things up. My cousin owns a True Valu store and handles Scotts products. After spending a hefty sum to participate in their direct mail program to sell the do it yourself program, he obviously wasn't real happy to have bascially the same mailing list get a mailer for Scotts lawn service. Of course, when his customer ask about a custom service, he reccomends a different one. Guess who that is?

    Austreim Landscaping
  10. Ric

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    Whoops Scotts here uses Howard's Fertilizer.

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