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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. bobbygedd

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    here it is, the world is full of shady people. while mowing a client, a neighbor walks over, "can u do mine?" i say sure, $30, once a week. he says , "great, how do u want to get paid?" i say each visit will be fine, he says , "ill pay you 4 weeks in advance." great i say. i explain to him, once a week cut, now(first week in july) till last week in october. he says , "great." and hands me $120. did the 4 cuts, left a bill saying the following week ill need another $120. went back, cut, no money, his son says ill tell him to call you. next week, cut, no money, same nonsense with the son. i tell him he is cancelled. send bill, after bill, no reply. the amount owed is $60. now, yesterday, nov. 4th, after missing 11 cuts, this guy calls and says, "o hi, i owe you some money, give me a call." i call, he says he would like to send out the check for $60 for back payment, and another $30(mind you, its not been cut in 11 weeks), if i will promise to come the day before thanksgiving(he's having company, u know). i say, well, of course, i would be delighted to come by, what day was that, the day before thanksgiving, right? ok, u just drop that check in the mail today, ill see u in a few weeks. he says, "great, thanks bob." i say, o, you are quite welcome, mr. you are never gonna see me again. ok, what would u fellas do?
  2. crawdad

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    Well, first, I'd see if the check clears.....Then, I'd take a ride by the property, and see how much it would cost him to have it bush-hogged...
  3. gwwilson

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    that a boy bobbygedd. i love it
  4. kutnkru

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    Like was mentioned previously ... if the check clears --> I would tell him you can cut the property for $270 CASH. If he balks, tell him YOUR actually saving him $60 off what he would have spent had he kept up with your services. Thats a 20% discount and NO-ONE in this biz gives out 20% discounts, Heck pre-pays for the season only get 5% - LOL!!!

    Honestly tell me that it wouldnt be worth the $270 bucks for a couple hrs labor???
  5. bobbygedd

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    now kut, we both know nobody is gonna pay $270 for a 4k property to be mowed, i dont care how long it is. i was thinkin id just blow him off, let his family see how nice his yard looks on thanksgiving. and if he calls, ill just return his call, at 3 am, and blow a whistle in his ear!!
  6. mike9497

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    get the check and keep the money.if it took you 11 weeks to get paid you better wait 11 weeks to cut his grass that last time.yup i know it sounds wrong but thats what i do.i had a long time customer screw me out of 365.00 worth of cuttings.his daughter was getting married so i gave him a break.well 3 months went by and he called to see when i was doing his cleanup.i said when you pay me what you owe and a deposit of 300.00 for the cleanup.still waiting for the check its been 4 weeks now lol
  7. justmjc

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    I type out into my contracts that customer waives all rights and accepts full responsibility for all fees and expenses required to obtain balance owed, whether through collections or legal process. They love it when I tell them "Don't you remember signing the contract that waives all your rights, if action is taken to recover any balances?"

    Most of them don't even read the thing. Anyways, legal action scares most of them into paying.
  8. MacLawnCo

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    Kris, great reasoning...but i doubt they would buy it.

    BG, id love to see you call the looser in the morning and whistle to him...i think id probably keel over dead from laughing so hard.
  9. STAN1366

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    I'd take the money he owes you and then pay him a visit BEFORE Thanksgiving and see what needs to be done. Maybe there was some financial reason he couldn't/didn't pay you. Tell him it hasn't been cut in 11 weeks and it'll be $XXX, payable before you start in cash. Tell him it's got to be be that way since he lost your trust. If he doesn't go for it, well you've got the original $$ he owed you. Good luck.
  10. walker-talker

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    Yes, you could show up late in the day, Thanksgiving eve and give him a high price and tell him it will be cash in advance.....that way you have him over a barrel (too late to call someone else).

    Thats what I might do

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