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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by roccon31, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. roccon31

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    this property is ~3 yrs old, rye/fescue/blue mix, has been on a fert program since day 1. lawn used to look great, and now is fading out. fert guy has been fired, and i am supposed to take over the reins. lawn is very compacted and has some algae in bare spots, as well as red thread and tons brown grass, which looks to me like some sort of rye that is dying. see attached pics.

    i suggested a double shattertine aeration, double 1/4 inch compost topdress, and overseed in the fall for starters to build OM and increase CEC. she handed me this soil test, with the CEC way high, and OM way low.....whats the deal?? i was counting on the CEC to be equally as low as the OM, but not on this test.

    any takers?


    lawn 003.jpg

    lawn 004.jpg

    lawn 005.jpg
  2. Grohorganic

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    ok so push the K some add some Ca and the cec is about in the low range taken into the fact of that soil has a ton of Al in it that and it may be on the clay side of things.......

    maybe a pinch of sulfer..............
  3. ICT Bill

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    listen to Gro and..............
    then listen to yourself, you are right on. wait til fall and crank up the OM, top dress overseed

    CT will not hurt anything at all right now if they want it, it cannot burn anything

    also, P that high is not good for anything, white roots maybe if you like that kind of thing, certainly few if any mycorrhizal associations
  4. Grohorganic

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    Bill i don't think that its too bad the P #s while high can be put to bed with a big shot of Fe and a little time..... but that test is only a look at the soil crystal ball IMO
  5. phasthound

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    I'll be glad to supply you with hi-cal lime with soluble humate. Use this at the same time as aeration & topdressing.
  6. roccon31

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    barry, pm me some pricing please....
  7. phasthound

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    I did, check it.
  8. roccon31

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    barry, replied.

    so im going to topdress, overseed, aerate, lime etc.

    now the question is, what type of grass is that and why is it dying? i have it in ALL of the lawns ive looked at this year.
  9. Smallaxe

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    Looks like KBG seedhead, but many of them are similar. It's dying because you pulled it out. Looks green otherwise. Partial browning is similar to leaf dropping, with trees, this time of year.
  10. RigglePLC

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    That seed head is perennial rye. And that is part of the problem. When rye goes to seed, and you mow, you get the left over seed stalks, the "straw". These always turn brown, their job is done. The straw will fall to the soil and decompose after a few weeks. The older cheaper types of per rye have more prominent seed stalks. Yuck. Overseed with better grass. It will be darker green, fewer straws, and resistant to red thread disease. Try Silverdollar, or Derby Xtreme, or Palmer V. Add a top quality Kentucky bluegrass. Seed now if you have irrigation. Otherwise wait until about Aug 15.

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