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    Hello everyone...I have been reading through the posts for the past couple of months and figured it was probably time to take a minute and introduce myself.

    My name is Blake and I live in northern Michigan. This is my 8th summer in the ownership role of the business. Previously I had been an employee of the company, luckily the previous owner made me an offer to buy him that I could not turn down. So with the help of the bank and my father I dove in head first.

    When I first purchased the company it was averaging about 10 installs per year grossing about 100k. As a young father this was not going to cut it for me so we added services and amped things up. The first thing I did was go back to the bank and borrowed some more money to purchase a local established mowing business. This business had approx. 45 accts. and a little bit of equipment but it was a foot into the door of the mowing / maintenance field.

    Today....We are running two mowing / maint. accts. and running two landscape install crews. All I can say is a lot of hard work and dedication can go a long ways. I am living a very comfortable lifestyle enjoy my job thoroughly. As with any business it has it moments but overall I believe I am on my way to a long successful career.

    I think reading through the posts on this site can really provide a lot of insight and diversified opinion on the issues and struggles that all of us face. I also hope everyone can respect others opinions and remember that all of us had to start somewhere.

    Hope to meet some of you soon.

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