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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by topsites, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. topsites

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    I found another one has been making the rounds heavily of late.

    I found this one, at least around here, when the customer asks this it's really just them wanting something for nothing, another way of them saying 'will you bend over backwards for me?'

    The question they throw at me is: Can you do it before the weekend?
    There are a few variations, such as 'Can you do it today?' but whatever.

    So now, whenever someone asks that question, especially when I haven't even looked at the job OR after I say I can do it by Mon / Tue, the simple answer is: No, Thank you (and walk away).

    What a bs saver this one is, too.

    p.s.: The one thing I hate about the red flags is when they wait to throw this stuff until after I'm all done estimating and already gave the price and everything's agreed upon, man...
  2. Sandgropher

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    Ido it as soon as i can, other wise if i say tuesday that gives them more time to ring around and i get a phone call on monday saying thanks but we do not need you any more.....:nono:

    I always do it there and then, if not busy i hit them with the price and if its a bit high they get no time to reconsider i say do you want me to do it...and they nearly always say yes...i get straight into it before they change there mind...(my brother did it, my neighbour has done it etc ) i find the longer away the service is booked in for the more likely they will cancell it...:nono:

    The best ones are the ones that wait until the last minute,party, for sale etc and my fav rent inspections....most of my money comes from rent inspections
    i say what time is the inspection, they say 12 .30 pm on monday i'll get there with a couple of hours before give them a big quote and its to late to get some body else in......ha ha:laugh: :laugh:

    This is known as leverage i am holding all the aces...i love urgent jobs :laugh: :laugh: payup payup payup payup
  3. topsites

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    OHhhhhh I will keep this in mind !!!

    Yes yes, you are so right.

    Yesterday thou, 1/2 acre lot in a wooded area they wanted the leaves cleaned out of the woods, yes literally, and before the weekend. See now that's just not happening, ain't no blower cleaning no leaves out of no woods in no satisfying manner, and to do it right would require a loader or at least a bunch of guys with chainsaws and a chipper, I mean you got to brush clear this stuff and it's several thousand dollars worth.

    But you're right, show up a few hours before it HAS to be done, then double price and take it or leave it, I like that. payup payup payup
  4. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    I do have a question thou...

    Ok, assume the above with the higher price but... That's only if you know ahead of time they're in a hurry, right? What if you read between the lines that they're not willing to pay a lot? Ok, nevermind that for a second...

    What if you get no warning so you go out and estimate and give them your standard price and NOW all of sudden 'oh gee can you do it by friday...?'
    That's more the kind of thing I've been catching of late.

    I guess in that sense, the question in and of itself is not a fool-proof pita factor determination.
    Come to think of it, neither is 'may I have your address?'
    But they are both ways of pre-screening, I suppose...
  5. Sandgropher

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    Yes the last minute is where the money is, the customer has no chance to talk it over ( the price) with any body, start doing the job before they can think ,i personaly tell them i will come out and give a quote but will do it then,( if they accept) because of fuel prices etc that is one reason, but the real reason is to devolop a rapport with the lady so she can say yes...:) ...not wait for her to talk it over with her husband etc:nono:

    Last minite jobs are about the only way you can get leverage these days because you hold the power :weightlifter: :weightlifter: :clapping:
  6. Sandgropher

    Sandgropher LawnSite Senior Member
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    If they need an urgent job i will ask them on the phone when it has to be done by.....we have a wedding party or what ever 2 pm saterday or when ever, so i know when it needs to be done and can plan for the very last minute to get there ,some times looking if i am going past to get an idea how much is there......when you arrive at the last minute they are so happy that you have "saved them" some times they will give me a big tip and tell all there friends about how wonderful i am to save the day just in time :clapping: :clapping:
  7. Freddy_Kruger

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    If you got a lot of free time jump on these things even if it is on the cheap. Unless you're semi retired, why not go to work? You'll still make 2-3 times what you would if you were employed in this field.

    Well I'm just a nexbie in lawn care so also look at every thing as a learning experience. I hire friends and temp help to get through particuarly busy times.

    I had a call this mourning, customer needs her business and house cleaned by end of next week.... big jobs but I will accomodate her they've been customers for 6 years.
  8. Sandgropher

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    Top Sites started this thread getting calls for can you do today/ before weekend...people hate these calls and hang up...:realmad: ..i love them because if i can fit them in at the last moment i can charge a good price, its tttoo late to get some one else i have all the power :weightlifter: leverage :weightlifter:

    Now i am not going to rip them off but i will give a good price confident that 99% of the time i will get the job and they are so pleased that i saved their house for sale open day whatever, some times they become a loyal regular customer to....:)

    its a win/win situation for everybody, but a word of caution timings the key,you need to know approx how long it will take dont get there to early and give them time to get another quote/or get there when the wedding has started in the back yard....:cool2:

    What i am trying to say is do a rush/urgent if you can fit it in can be good money, most lawnies hang up on them.payup payup payup:clapping: :drinkup:

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    That's funny about cleaning out the woods. My very 1st job as a LCO was that exact job. What's even funnier is I only quoted him $200. After about 12 man hours and only completing about 1/10th of the job, and realizing that I deserved the LOW-BALLER of the year award, I re-negotiated the bid w/ the homeowner. Luckily he was understanding. I learned a valuable lesson that day and have been bidding high "probably too high" ever since.

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