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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Viseras lawn service, May 21, 2005.

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    :angry: Im at a property today, i have the wb in the back of the truck, 2 bps 1 brand new echo trimmers and a bunch of misc equiptment in the back of the truck.

    My helper was out trimming the 3 properties that we take care of and i was picking up misc garbage/weeds. I come around the back of the building where the truck is and there is one guy in a carolla and another checkin out my truck and all the equiptment. I walked toward them and as soon as he saw me the both bolted. Looked like he was just gonna take what he could fit in the car lol.... it was close.

    Im just glad i saw what was happening in time before i lost my new trimmers and the 2 bps :realmad:
  2. Toy2

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    Keep your cell phone handy, also if you ever approach someone, use caution, i would hope you have a trimmer in hand/running of course....pretend your just a worker, if they come near you....a hit with the trimmer line would leave some massive DNA......Be safe...your stuff can be replaced...glad I have the enclosed......
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    Even with an enclosed do you shut it up after unloading and lock every time ?? I think that would wast alot of time if you do .
  4. Toy2

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    As soon as I unload....heading to the back yard, I close it, dummy lock it and get to work, when I get to the front yard put the mower in, grab a trimmer and close the door, I use the side door to switch the trimmer to a blower, few minutes equipment lost... :)
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    INSURANCE> A friend of mine had his enclosed smashed into last year and again last month. They took everything they could carry. In NC we have carry concealed permits. While I never advocate confrontation, and I would warn against approaching bad guys (law actually forbids it!), I encourage each of you to be careful , use good sense, and protect yourselves as neccessary!

    I have two attempted robberies thwarted by possession of my trusty weapon. Simply displayed weapon to bad guy w/knife and off he went. Other bad guy approached with an umbrella...kinda funny really.
  6. 2004F550

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    What town in CT?
  7. lawncare3

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    I would take that umbrella and stuck it up his ass that would teach him. lmao
  8. Itsgottobegreen

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    Yes and I have the only set of keys. If my part time guys are with me. They get what they need when its open. Otherwise its locked.
  9. topsites

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    I know... I got chains and padlocks on everything, but once I unlock at my first yard, it bites me to even think of re-locking stuff up - Too much time.
    Still, I watch it and know your hoods - If you're not 100 percent sure - Lock it up.

    There is one other thing: My dealer keeps the serials of everything I buy for a long time - If something gets stolen, I go to my dealer and have them enter the serial in the computer.
    Once entered, if (or when) that stolen piece of equipment EVER goes in for a repair anywhere in the USA, it comes up on the networks and it will show on their computer and they will confiscate the equipment and I will get a phonecall --- vara nais.
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    I posted this story on another thread and then remembered this one and thought the story would be better posted here.

    My apologies for the double post *moderators if you want to delete one of them please do*


    We just talked to one of our contractors that subs out a bunch of work to us.

    I am still in shock and filled with anger as I type this post. Our contractor informed us that sometime Saturday morning the heavy chain lock that was used to lock the shop gate was cut. The thieves then disconnected the transmissions on all 12 trucks, pushed them off of the gate where they are backed into for security. They then sliced through the hinges on the trucks and emptied them totally. Everything is freakin completely gone. The thieves even stole a large trailer to use for hauling the stuff out. They estimate the loss at 75k to 100k.

    We are talking 4 or 5 Torros, 5 or 6 Z machines, and a whole bunch of other various equipment....not to mention the damage to the truck doors from the hinges being cut.

    Our contractor is a very large company and I know insurance will take care of it. It is going to be business as usual tomorrow but it just boggles my mind.

    The two things I absolutely hate the most in this world are liars and thieves. Damn sorry crappy people who deserve to burn for their deeds.....ok I am going to stop now because it is getting harder and harder to keep the curse words from this post.

    Camera's are being installed Monday and let me close in saying that EVERYONE should monitor their equipment this way. Camera's are not very expensive these days to install. You can get them from Wallmart and install them yourselves.

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