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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawnservice, Mar 8, 2006.

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    i took a call yesterday from a customer who wanted me to go over to talk to her neighbor. her neighbor uses chemlawn and is very unhappy.

    sooo, i asked why her neighbor was unhappy?

    because they always send out a differnet person each application, they hound her with phone calls for upsells, they call her for collection when the invoice is 2 weeks old, her lawn never looks as good as the neighbor's (our customer), they seem to always forget to return her calls when she has a question, the employees always look like they slept in their clothes and dont own razors to shave, they run through her yard so fast she doesnt even have the time to get out her check book to pay them while they are there, yada dada yada dada.

    everone has heard this stuff, right?

    i told this customer that we actually quoted her neighbor a price a few years ago and how supprised i was that she was STILL using chemlawn because she was dissatified with them even back then?!.

    the woman asked if i could quote a new 'ballpark' figure over the phone. I told her i could quote an exact price assuming nothing has changed with the size of the lawn since we were there a few years back.

    i quote $70 per app.
    oh, but chemlawn only charges $55, never mind she will most likely stay with chemlawn!
    (now isnt this like going to a resturant with poor service, lousy food, no place to park and all the employees have an attitude and questionable hygene yet you still go there because they are a bit cheaper than any other resturant in the area?)

    why do i bring this up?
    #1- i'm bored
    #2- i think its a funny story (and also probably a very common story)
    #3- i need to bone up on my typing
    #4- with chemlawn in the title i know many will read it
    #5- not sure if i ever started a thread, now i have
    #6- i recon this story to the symbiot thread
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    sneaking in the back door, huh? :)

    yes, a funny story and somewhat common

    i do agree with your thoughts on the other symbiot thread (i say 'other' because i assume this is really a symbiot thread as well, right?)

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