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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jh88, Aug 11, 2003.

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    I know i just posted and told everyone what i have for equipment but i plan on doing this as a long term thing. I have recently picked a couple more larger customers. this spring i plan on really looking for buissness since i will be getting my drivers liscence. But i was wondering what everyone thought of buying a flatbed utility truck instead of a trailer. Not the normal flatbed like on a regular truck but u know the larger foreign made trucks that have the long flat beds. I saw one the other day and it looked pretty nice. They had two lazers on it and they fit nicely with a little room to spare and they had trimmer racks on one side and gas cans and tools on the other. It looked like they had fabricated a endgate on it. I know i don't need it now but in two or three years would it be something to look for. Just wondering if anyone does this or has seen it. I think its a really good idea.
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    It's good idea but believe me if you buy it' you'll be giving yourself 100's of reason to own a trailer also, those trucks have their niche, lot's of pros, I personally think it's a good thing to add when you have multiple crews.
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    It all depends they have their pros and cons, If the truck breaks your screwed if a truck breaks and you have a trailer then you can get a rental and switch the trailer over. I just got my 1st truck 3 days ago and my trailer 2 weeks ago, I really enjoy the setup but, it's personal preference.

    Email me or pm me if you want to talk more.
  4. Starting out, if you got one of those little Cab-Overs you could also get a trailer later. I looked into them, because I couldnÂ’t find a single advantage a Conventional-Cab flatbed had over a Cab-Over. Great visibility (especially for snow plowing), maximum room on the bed, very small turning radius, etc, etc. Pretty popular truck, but the only ones I could find on the used market were under-powered, rode hard and put up wet. New one's are out of the question for me. Payments on something that big could be a back breaker.
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    INS on ANYTHING you get will be high, but if you get that then you really will have a problem. My 89 mazda b-2600i is $1300 for 6 mos INS and that's CHEAPEST I could find, but get that and have probally a 4k every 6 mos.

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