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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. PurpHaze

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    Finally getting around to being able to work on some stuff that's been pending for awhile. Caught up on routine work orders for the time being and got cabin fever sitting at the computer at work so Leo and I went out where one of of the PVC ball valves we'd installed a year ago had been jacked up by do-gooders. Changed all the manual valves out to brass curb stops and here's a few picks. If this doesn't work we're considering just abandoning the system that waters the skinned baseball/softball field and letting everyone just use the QCV located at the pitcher's rubber in the center as in the old days.

    Divisadero JVBB Field Repairs 10-9-07 IV-01.jpg

    Divisadero JVBB Field Repairs 10-9-07 IV-02.jpg

    Divisadero JVBB Field Repairs 10-9-07 IV-03.jpg

    Divisadero JVBB Field Repairs 10-9-07 IV-04.jpg

    Divisadero JVBB Field Repairs 10-9-07 IV-05.jpg
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    Nice and neat, Purp. Thanks for posting the pics.

    Do you mark at the valveboxes, which valve does what? How does "the next guy" know what is what? Is the "feed" at least marked somehow? If I just walked over, I might think the one in the round box is the feed valve, since it is different from the other boxes. That is the intent, right?
  3. jimmyburg

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    very professional:clapping:
  4. Mike Leary

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    Hey, you run out of purple paint!:laugh: I do the same thing you do when
    tying into brass...use sch 80 nips. Nice work Hayes.
  5. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    Nice clean up purp....

    Pics look great.
  6. londonrain

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    I like the box and sleeve setup....note taken
  7. PurpHaze

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    Thanks and you're welcome all.

    No markings. Since these are manual valves that operate three different zones of Hunter I-40s which are meant to just wet down a combination baseball/softball skinned infield they should be able to figure it out themselves. Heck... I can never remember which one operates which zone so I just turn them on. :)

    He's on his own or can look at the asbuilts.

    The attached picture shows what the valves control. I actually have two zones on and they'd been on awhile because I replaced/adjusted a couple of sprinklers. But the field drains pretty good and the puddles disappear within a few minutes of shutting down the sprinklers.

    The feed or isolation valve IS the one in the round box. We've purposely made it harder for them to get to unless a curb stop key is in hand. We walked the site guy through the changes since he will be the one preparing the fields come springtime when baseball season starts.

    Divisadero JVBB Field Repairs 10-9-07 IV-06.jpg
  8. PurpHaze

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    Since the boxes are kinda out of the way I decided to forego the paint this time. :)

    SCH 80 nipples are used by us in SOooo many situations. We have them at the shop in up to 4" diameter for isolation valves, tieing into galvanized pipe fittings, etc. I really don't know what we'd do without them and we can only get them through our irrigation suppliers. Ferguson and other plumbing houses give us strange looks when we've inquired about them stocking some of the larger, hard-to-get sizes in the past. But... when we tell them what they're used for they go, "Ah hah... good idea."

    We also stock some full nipples in the larger sizes for unique situations and they too can be turned into TOE (threaded one end) nipples by cutting them in half.
  9. PurpHaze

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    We were going to put pea gravel between the sleeves and the boxes until Leo reminded me just how much I hate pea gravel when we have to dig something up. (He hates it too.) Leo also reminded me that we're just trying to keep the weekenders out of the valves so the dirt will pack in and the sleeves won't be able to be removed easily. I told him that if we have problems with weekenders removing the sleeves and digging out the dirt in order to get Channel Locks or Vise Grips on the curb stops we'll dig out a little of the dirt and pour a 1"-2" concrete cap to hold the sleeves in. He concurs. :laugh:
  10. Mike Leary

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    Yass, Ferguson is about as close to knowing what we're about as was the
    company they bought ,Familion. Tho, they were the last reps to have Buckner

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