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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawnsbytim, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. lawnsbytim

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    I have been using Speedzone the last couple years, but am seeing diminishing control on the tough weeds like ground ivy and wild violet. I would like to use a different formulation next season. I saw a lot of posts for a Drive and Quicksilver mix. My lawns are a bluegrass and fine fescue mix. My concern is that the Drive label says that there may be yellowing of the fine fescue. Alot of the areas with violets are fine fescue dominate. For the LCO's using drive, do you see fine fescue injury? Otherwise, what else will give good broadleaf weed control, including ground ivy and violets. Thanks
  2. Aspenlawn

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    I was at first enthusiastic about it, but here is the problem.
    Very expensive.Works good on tough stuff only at really high rates.
    Drive is expensive, but because it works at a reasonable AI/1000sqft
    it is a better alternative.
    I have only experienced a little yellowing of fescue.
    Worth it in really problematic areas!
  3. kickin sum grass

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    use an ester formula like cool power by riverdale/nufarm. It will take multiple apps but it works great. Start with two apps in a row about a month apart or at the interval the label states. Then spring and fall treatments on a maintenace level.
    I have cleared out many lawns nothing but wild violets and ground ivy.
  4. Aspenlawn

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    Two things, Speedzone is an ester.Which makes it a bit volatile in heat.
    During my favorite time to wack violets this year we had high 90's to deal with.I don't know if you had the same or similar conditions. I don't know anything about cool power or quicksilver I am going to do some research.
    Second. if spot sprayed Drive is a lot more economical and you don't need to worry about movement when its hot.
  5. lilmarvin4064

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    Cool Power is the same thing as Three Way Ester II. might be cheaper.
  6. kickin sum grass

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    yes, you need to becareful of esters in the heat, but from the Ohio State University Training session the best time to kill violets is spring and fall (fall being best). The reaction time to kill is much slower but the total kill is greater. From what I understand, spraying in the summer may only kill the tops and some may regrow.
    Just my experiences with this subject.
  7. Aspenlawn

    Aspenlawn LawnSite Member
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    I guess my favorite time to spray is when they are the only weed in the lawn.
    Drive does work when its hot, in my experience it kills all.
    But you are right..fall is thebest time for toughies like violets.:usflag:
  8. Evan528

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    I still have a couple gallons of confront left from 3 or 4 years ago with the old label. Definitly the all time best control for ground ivy and wild violet. I am using it very spraringly on only my best accounts!:laugh:
  9. lawnsbytim

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    Thank you for the replies. You are correct about speedzone being touchy with heat. I think the label doesn't recommend spraying above 85, and had some spot burning last year. I will try the drive with quicksilver next season, cost isn't much a concern compaired to call backs. I am thinking of 2-3 treatments while the violets are flowering on a couple lawns that the homeowners are concerned with.
  10. turfsolutions

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    After trying speedzone on wild violet (a major pain in the butt in my neck of the woods) I have come to the conclusion that speedzone in fact does not control wild violet at all. Do a search on wild violet and you will find out how to correctly control it. Product and timing.

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