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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Runner, Jul 1, 2001.

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    I was talking to a gentleman last night who is a musician, and he wants to do benefit concerts in this one park. He goes there to play and practice (Traveling Bluesman) and our local paper just recently did a cool write up on him. Anyway, he's coordinating a cleanup effort in this park for the neighborhood next Sunday and already has support from some local businesses. Food and drink are being provided. Well, I told him who I was and what I did, and that I would surely be interested in coming in, fully armed, and doing whatever I can to help. The place is a nice park, pretty large, and even has a nice pavillion and stage. It is called Kearsley Park and it's over on this city's east side. He then told me that a local news station is going to be informed and that he already has several volunteers. I figure it wouldn't be that bad to bring some cutting power in there and clean it up. If there is anyone from around the Flint area who is interested in helping out for this, please let me know via PM or Email. I also have a few friends with services who said they may be willing to step out and help out. I figure if we just get a bunch of local people to walk the grounds for us and pick up what ever debris there might be, (there isn't much, I drove through today) we could just knock it out by sections. This is MUCH like the cemetary we did a few years back. That was very gratifying.
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    sounds like a great thing to do and free advertising also
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    Good idea and it will deffinatly help out your image. I've thought about doing something like that but working solo its hard. A little while ago there was a story on a run down grave yard. I was thinking damn if this place was wasnt so big I could cut the 3-4 weeds. Next day was all over the new a LCO came in and cleanned it up.
    Thinking about that there are always clean up projects in the city but I wouldnt think about runing over 1/2 that stuff (mostly 1/2 burried) with my mower and it would be pretty risky with a bunch of other people running arround.
    Then I got into thinking how to spruce things up a bit and wish the city would offer some program to approved lanscapers to mow overgrown areas. Thay would pay the landscaper a small ammount to go in and cut these places. If its a property thay could then send the bill the the owner, and set up a small fund for thoes who dont pay. Make it some kind of of org. and LCO's would be all over that, some would volunteer just to get thier name out.
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    That's funny that you mention a graveyard, because I did one a few years ago, and have a nightmare story on here about it somewhere. Anyway, I decided to kick things off and get a jumpstart on it last night. Well, today, I went back and dug into it again. I have NEVER seen the reaction as what I have seen today. I don't know how all theese people are finding out so fast, but I have people coming up from ALL over, pulling over, getting out of their cars, and watching me work. A local news station came out, filmed, and interviewed me today, and sure enough, there I am on the local ABC news. I have several people from the neighborhood donating money to help cover the cost of fuel and dinner was bought by the head of the neighborhood association. Everyone from older people to kids on bikes are coming up and thanking me for giving their park back. It was really kind of cool, (between all of us LS'ers) because when the news crew arrived, they filmed me knocking down stuff that was LITerally 6' high! I was just blasting it out! Kind of ironic, I could walk right through that stuff, but earlier in the day, the stuff I was really having trouble with was an area that was only about 2 feet tall. This was real thick with Honeysuckle, and it was just full of Morning glory. TOUGH cuttin'! Anyway, I got the whole front area done, and I'm going back tomorrow and finish cutting and cleaning the playground area. How am I spending my 4th of July? You guessed it. In the park! After being cut over (3 times) this place is really looking pretty good for what it was! This is really a kind of weird situation, because we are dealing with a city that all of a sudden is out money, ($10 million in dept, how do you do that?!) having to lay off 80 of 180 firefighters, numerous police officers, closing the newly revamped city jail, and closing 7 parks because of "budget cuts". Well, I'm sorry Mayor Stanley, you ain't GETTIN' this one!!!
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    Runner, here's a thought for next time. Show your Dealer the news clip of you cutting the park and ask about him providing you with a new demo machine to do it next time. A little sign with their name on it should do it. This would help to prevent damage to your front line equipment and still get you good publicity.
  6. Runner

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    There's a thought! This was so cool today seeing families come down to park while we were out in the fields working. A father and son tossing the ball, a family with a bunch of kids that were rolling down the hill, (BIG hill!) another few families actually being able to swing and use the playground now, a guy flying a kite, and people just sitting and walking around. This was all thick FIELD 3 days ago!I sure wish I had a digital camera. I have to give a special thanks to my friend John, who is another LCO, for bringing his diesel powered Grasshopper out and helping today. That was AWESOME! The best part of the whole day was when we were wrapping it up as it started to cool off and darkness was not far away. All these people started coming in DRONES to sit on the hill overlooking the park because you get a great view of the downtown fireworks. Here we were both parked down in this valley of the park with this hill that wraps around that section of the park. We were sort of "center of attention" I felt. We had SO many people coming up to us thanking us, and bringing us lemonade, water, and even food. The news story aired last night, and it was great! About everyone in the neighborhood knows who we are now, and just keep approaching. I don't know what to do about the financial situation, because people keep giving us money to "help out with the fuel costs and such. I am not refusing it, since I know it will all be used. It's pretty neat, the fact that this was all field 3 days ago, and now people are telling us it looks like a golf course and that it has never looked better. I guess this is the real purpose of life.
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    It sounds as if your Karma is VERY GOOD. :)

    I don't live anywhere near that park but I want to say "Thank You" too.

    You have helped to elevate the "Lawn Care Professional" in the eyes of the community and I thank you for this. Your actions have helped ALL LCO's gain a little more respect and appreciation from the community. And God knows our industry needs all the help it can get in this department..........

    More of us should follow your excellent example!

    "Three cheers for Runner...
    hip, hip-HOORAY!...hip, hip-HOORAY!...hip, hip-HOORAY!

  8. HOMER

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    Great job there Runner. Are you planning on maintaining it on a regular basis now? You know people are going to expect it. I wish I could have brought the 72 out to "play"!
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    That is great Runner!
    Now you have me thinking of my community's needs.
    Could this be contagious?
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    hey Runner that is sweet, never saw this before over the years, congrats to you, even if I am 8 years late.

    Now how about an update on the park today after things have gotten even tougher.

    Update on this whole story, what else it has possibly done for you.

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