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Another wasted day


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Northeast Ohio
Wow, what a week. This week has been horrible. Tuesday I started at 4pm because it rained all day, Wednesday it was windy as heck and snowing so only got a couple jobs done. Yesterday the truck broke down.

So today I planned on going out early getting almost everything done, finish up tomorrow and then put the equipment away. Not gunna happen. Its 1:30 and I got one yard mowed and a cleanup blown into a half a$$ed pile and now i'm sitting at home. I didn't get out until 10 because I had to mess with the truck some, got the first yard cut no problem. Got to the cleanup, the wind starts kicking up. It wasn't even a strong wind, just constant 10-13mph winds (i heard on the news when i got home). So I'm struggling with the wind, its shifting directions, making me back track, then I get the leaves closer to the curb, now I cant get them in a pile, they're blowing everywhere. So i deside fine i'll start to just suck them up and rake them all now. Not so, the screen on the leaf box came apart now its shooting leaves out the box. So i go back to trying to get the leaves in a pile, still not happening.

So I'm going to lunch at the moment, then go finish the mowing and see how the wind is later. Its supposed to be calm and warmer (48 degree's) tomorrow so we'll see what happens then.


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Just be happy that you're not like 1/3 of us, waiting for 2+" of snow to melt off, so we can go and try to finish cleaning up a bunch of leaves that will be stuck down into the grass and wet!! :cry:


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We lost a half a day on Tuesday and Thursday.We went out Tues.in the afternoon and only cut yards that were no leafers due to the rain. Thursday we got out after 12 noon due to Snow on the ground. Today we started late due to it being so freaking cold outside. Still have about a week left of final cleanups.