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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Dylan's Lawn Care, Mar 2, 2013.

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    Some quick observations...

    - Logo on the sky background, especially the blue font, is really difficult to read.

    - There is no location/service area on the home page. (After hitting a few, random pages, I'm not seeing any location until the Contact page.)

    - You really need to go through the entire site and fix typos, punctuation, and grammar. I've randomly hit two pages, and then just a couple of bits of content as I'm pressed for time, but these are the first two things I read:

    That's actually a very good question. In a quick scan, it seems you've misspelled every instance of it. :)

    - Read the previous reviews re: on-site SEO and you'll find the beginners guides.

    - Before you do any more work, you really need to address the grammar. I know I'm repeating myself, but it really needs attention.
    - I now see how you've done such a great job of populating your site with a lot of content. You've collected a lot of content from quite a few sources. As someone who has been dealing a lot with stolen content lately, I'll go ahead and stop here.
  3. Dylan's Lawn Care

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    I will be changing the blue on "Lawn Services''

    I have only SLIT seeded one lawn before for and honestly thought it was silt seeding wow.

    I have a real bad habit of typing real fast with my bad grammar and just fix it later but I had not gone back over it yet. I just did a quick once over of those page and I did have a lot of mistakes Ill goo over it better tomorrow.

    I didn't steal content from others sites I tried to take any info about aeration and thatching from university sites and reworded them with less and additional information. Also most information on those subjects is quite repetitive and I just started my website and wanted to get it done before spring.

    All the pictures except for the mowing pictures are from google but I never take pictures. I will be taking picture throughout the year and replacing them with my own.

    I was not sure how to add in my locations with out randomly putting it in my pages. I know most put the locations in the footer but I have not figured out how to edit my footer.

    Thanks for your input
  4. westerfield

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    i see your using wordpress , good job its a good open source cms, and the has good seo

    change your background sky to a simple gradient

    simple= elegant
  5. PaperCutter

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    Dude, that's BS. If those are someone else's photos that you're using they need to come down NOW. Just because something comes up on Google doesn't mean it's free for the taking. If you don't have decent pics of your work, buy credits at iStockphoto and use those for the time being.
  6. tonygreek

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    You and the 15 other LCO's using this seem to think that, since it's on a University web site, it makes it public domain and affords you the luxury of using it on your site without any credit to the author and/or institution.
  7. PaperCutter

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    Well, if you're going to plagiarize someone, the Virginia Cooperative Extension is at least good info. Duplicate content does nothing for your Google rankings, and if you copy and paste your paragraph about aeration into Google you'll see that, as Tony mentioned, you're not the first guy to steal their content.

    Here's where everyone plagiarizing is missing a HUGE opportunity: when you research and write (original) informative content, you're essentially practicing how best to explain that concept to a homeowner with no prior knowledge. The next time you go out to meet with someone to sell them on something you wrote about, you'll sound way more knowledgeable than the next guy. If you CTRL+V your entire site, though, what'll you say? "Um, derr, lemme look at my website"? Come on.
  8. nightshutter

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    You need to get rid of the long streamer in the sky background. on the top left. Very distracting. it pulls my eyes from the main content.

    Change the color font in the footer

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