Another weed/mulch issue.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by baddarryl, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. baddarryl

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    I have a mulched Churches play area. Typical broadleafs, nutgrass, and blackberry coming up. I have to use a combination broadleaf, MSMA, and Bk32 killer to get it all. Honestly worried about using too much and the kids. Only spot spraying as needed. I always spray on Thurs or Fri which is at least 2 days before Sunday service. According to the labels I am good, I just wonder about long term. Sandy under layment that drains well. How would snapshot or treflan do? Safer, or do I need to resort to pulling by hand?
  2. Turf Troll

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    glyphosate why wouldn't you use roundup/ranger etc...
    as for the pre I would have to read the label
  3. sheshovel

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    Should be not big deal to just hoe them out as they come up. Compared to risking the kid's heath.
  4. baddarryl

    baddarryl LawnSite Member
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    Yeah I use Hi Yield Kilzall instead of round up. Works pretty good at 1/2 the price.

    Yes pulling is an option but that nutgrass comes up by the dozens. Quite labor intensive. Trying to avoid that. That is what the MSMA is for, which I don' think I can eliminate as it is specifically for that.

    What about Roundup Pro? I have always avoided it because of the expense. Is it worth it? I will have to look and see if it will target my specific weeds instead of using a combo.
  5. EVM

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    I have had success using snap shot to permanently control nutsedge. I would use Round up for all the other weeds and Manage for the nutsedge. Use a fan nozzle for spraying. In the future you can use the snapshot for the pre-emergent application.

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