anoyone running a small WB in place of push mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MowingIL, Feb 4, 2013.

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    I carry a 56" lazer, 48" metro, 36" metro and a 21" craftsman i very rarely use the 21 very rarely. the 36 can get through all of my gates. i use the 21 for ditch lines and extremely steep inclines. i actually have a rope i can clip on to it and i have to sit on the top of the hill and lower the mower down the hill and pull it up over and over and over to mow an area on 1 of my yards. its faster than using the trimmer and easier on the ankles. i was bringing and wearing a pair of football cleats to try and stand on the hill. after about 3-4 good falls with the trimmer i had to figure something else out. where i am its all mountains steep inclines is all we have.
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    36 is the smallest I use. rest are 48 and 60 in exmarks. No 21 inch mowers in my trailer
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    I saw a guy doing that on a steep bank in front of his house. Instead of letting it down and pulling it back up he was walking across the top on the flat and mowing horizontal. I was driving by so I didn't get a great look but it looked like he had fabricated some bars to the deck to keep it from flipping. He had also removed the handle.
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    I carry only a 48 and 36 inch exmark metro. Have 21 only use it if there is a break down. All my lots are typical subdivision with a few larger property.
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