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Answering phone calls


LawnSite Gold Member
I have been trying to get better at this, answering phone calls I mean. I would prefer all estimate request go thru my website but I still get quite a few phone calls. I'm not at a point where I can hire an office person and a call service seems just as expensive. As an experiment this fall I have been answering most of the calls I get.

So here is the scenario. I answer the call. They tell me about the service they are interested in.

I respond "Sure we do that kind of work. I would be happy to take a look. I'm out of the office, driving/working, would you mind going to our website and filling out the estimate request form?

Lead "Ahh, you want me to go to a website?

I respond "Yes please, I'm driving/working, I can't take your info now."

Lead, long pause " oh, ok whats your website?"

It can be quite awkward. I wonder if its better to let it go to voicemail.


LawnSite Senior Member
The way i see it you dont answer the phone if you cant take info from a customer. If you pushed me to a website i would decline and call someone else (in reality i would have used the website in the first place but thats a generational thing...) The reason they are calling you in the first place is becuase they have limited access to a computer or know how to use it or they prefer to communicate with a person because they need a service and need it done with confirmation of when and what.