Anti Itch cream?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by sticklelm, May 16, 2013.

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    after the fact, bleach or alcohol seems to work to dry up the nasty goo that oozes out after you itch yourself raw. burns, but it's better than the itch. A really hot shower will numb the itch for a bit, but that won't work well if you're sunburned AND have a poison ivy rash. I got some prescription once that really knocked the rash down for a day. Don't remember what it was called. I also use plain old hydra-cortisone cream. I never really tried any of the poison ivy specific products but I might check out that tecnu stuff. I swear I get poison ivy just by looking at it. I'm covered it in right now actually and I'm miserable.
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    regardless of what you use to make the itching, rash or blisters (myrtle spurge anyone?) ease, one of the most important things to know is that all of these plants secrete an oil as their mode of transporting their misery. What that means is soap or hosing off often just spreads it further around your skin. Your best bet is plain ole alcohol swabs on your skin to lift it off and double wash your clothes that came in contact in hot water (and bleach, if whites).

    It's an allergic reaction so benadryl or it's generics that you take internally can provide some relief with their antihistamines. Topically, there are a slew of choices, most only giving some temporary, minor relief.

    They do make a cream for pre-contact,that acts like a barrier to skin absorption. I'll have to see if I can find a link for that. Best bet is long pants, shirts and gloves when you know you're going to be around it. (and turn it into an extra service to get rid of it!)
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    What's myrtle spurge? That's a new one for me.
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    Ive tried everything yall fellers listed, it all helps but none is foolproof. One thing that helps is take cold showers if you can bear it. Also if you suspect your in posion oak/ivy wash in cold water immadetaley with the "Tencue", the stuff is pricey but it does help.
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    i've been dealing with this breakout on my arms for the past few weeks, probably poison ivy. I suspect i got into it on this one shrub trimming job. I use the medicated calamine lotion, in the pink bottle. Its what my mom always used when i was a little kid. It helps with the itching alot.

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    Try washing your arms with bleach, mabey 20 parts bleach and 80 parts water, it will make you smell like bleach and dry your skin a little, but it pulls the poison oak oil out of your skin.

    Nothing in the poision oak is abousloute, if your scared of the bleach go buy the Technu wash, its near 20$ per tube, but it does help.
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    the calamine does hep, but i'm gonna have to get the technu stuff and give it a try. I just wish it would go away faster. I usually get some sort of skin rash on my arms once a month so far. I have to start wearing long sleeves in the future when i trim shrubs. :hammerhead: i get in a hurry and its been hot. lol.

    a buddy of mine at my old job had it, he soaked his hands in straight bleach. I won't even mention how that turned out. lol. but we had a good laugh. he was OK eventually though.

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    I go to my local compounding pharmacy and get a poison ivy vaccine. I've been doing it for years. Google Anderson Compounding Pharmacy in Bristol Tn to get the number. They can give you the details. I am highly allergic but haven't gotten it in years.:walking::cool2:
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    To be clear, Tecnu isn't for "relief", it's for washing the oil off your skin after contact.
    Any time I think it was at all possible that I MAY have hit some with the string trimmer, I wash off with Tecnu.
    The hazards of wearing shorts - string trimmer debris on the left leg.
    My frickin' ankle is itching right now. :(

    When I get the full-blown blistery-pustules ( :D ) I spray it with Ivy Dry.
    It helps a little and works to dry it up a bit.
    The nice thing is that I can spray it on in the field while working throughout the day.
    More convenient than having to apply a lotion.


    I do have the "block" that I can apply prior to working in an area I know has poison ivy,
    but I tend to just avoid doing that in the first place.
    I've passed on a few jobs when I noted large amounts of poison ivy.
    Losing days of work due to a bad case of poison ivy is no fun at all.
    (with my worst case, I slept for MINUTES at a time - I got no rest and was in PAIN. It was horrible)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    For relief from the itching, I find Sarna lotion to work fairly well.
    It smells "medicated", but don't bother with the "odorless" version - it's useless. It instantly "cools" the area and provides some relief.


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