Anti Itch cream?

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    This is a plant that has made it's way into xeriscaping popularity for a few years. However, it's so nasty that it's making it's way onto noxious weed lists across the west. My own daughter, who is a gardener, just had a run in with this particular plant a couple of weeks ago, leaving her entire forearms burned and blistered (only one plant was pulled, but she was laying down and pulling grass from under rose bushes and this was the ground cover) this is what it does, all parts of the plant, with any skin contact:

    some more facts on the plants for those of you in the West now likely to encounter it in foothills, gardens and beyond:
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    Thank's for that info. I am heading west in a couple of year's, i'll keep that in mind.
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    ^^^ That stuff sounds like a nightmare.

    My legs are itchy right now. I think I hit some ivy the other day with the trimmer. Damn this need to show off my sexy legs! LOL

    I HAVE to take a pic of this oak tree (I think it's an oak) at a job I do next week. There is ivy growing all the way up it. Creeps me out just walking by it!
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    Hylands poison ivy/oak tablets. Never have an outbreak last more than a couple of days. You can get them at health stores and I think Whole Foods.
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    Fels Naptha soap. If I know I've gotten into some itchy stuff. I keep a bar in the glove box. Use cool water from a hose to rinse it off. Get out of the contaminated clothes ASAP. Tecnu may work marginally better, but its 10x the price (not that anyone really cares how much it cost if your itching).
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    I wish I had taken pics of my first outbreak. Blisters nearly half an inch high. It was horrible.

    The pain, itch, and absolute misery is not something I wish to ever repeat.
    I will gladly pay for the peace of mind of knowing I'm using something that is known to work to remove the oils.
    If I could afford a 55 gallon drum of it, I'd dip myself in it. LOL
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    I'm sold!! Never had it in my life just like oaknut. Now I have gotten it twice in month and a half. I'm talking to someone at the pharmacy about this shot asap!!
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    One of my jobs. Check out the size of the tree on the left of this pic.
    There's poison ivy growing all the way up it.



    Poison ivy at various stages of growth...


    Almost everything green in this photo is poison ivy.
    Look at the size of that vine around the tree trunk. It's been there for a LONG time...


    Further up the tree - the largest leaves are larger than my hand!


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    Cut the vine at the bottom and it should die. At least thats what Ive been told. But even the dead vine has the oil on it. TECHNU FTW! They have a technu shower soap that works great too for relieving itch once exposed. Weve been clearing some woods out and now yall got me itching! (I hope its all in my head!)
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    Cut it? I didn't even LOOK at it when taking those pics! Just held the camera away from me and hoped for the best.


    Man, I'm not getting near that thing. It looks like it would fight back!

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