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anti scalp? Hustler Z


LawnSite Member
asheboro, nc
I just purchased a Hustler Z 25/60 xr-7. It really did great my first day of mowing. My only question is that the anti-scalp rollers are set at the highest setting and I cut most of my yards from 3-4 inches. I scalped a few times on places that I did not think I would. Where would be my best setting? Top, Mid, or Lowest? I only have one account that wants it cut at about 2 1/2 inches.


LawnSite Fanatic
Syracuse, NY
We ship the mowers in the crate with the anti scalps in the highest position, you and or your dealer are to put them in the position that works best for you.
I would try the middle hole and see what your results are, worst case is you need to put them in the lowest hole.


Accu-cut Lawn Care

LawnSite Bronze Member
Chattanooga, TN
Leave them in the highest position and learn to feather the height of the deck in scalp prone situations. For me, and many other users on Lawnsite, having them in the middle or bottom holes will cause the wheels to break...fast.