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Anti Scalp Rollers

Anybody out there repairing your own anti scalp rollers? I replaced one yesterday on my 52 Exmark HP. 25 bucks! The exterior surface was in good condition. The inner portion was worn about 50% that caused the roller to slide back and forth. On my own yard, I noticed a slight "trench" in the grass. I guess you can say it was a streamline "scalp" in the grass. Anyway, I thought about shimming. Your thoughts?

Thanks, Jay


LawnSite Senior Member
I replaced the 3 on the frount of my WB about $8.00 apeace. The rod was worn pretty good so I was going to replace it until they told me it was $50.00. NO WAY. I put the new rollers on and let it ride!!

Jason Pallas

LawnSite Bronze Member
I just bought a bunch of exmark anti-scalp rollers from jthomas distributors - they were the new style (off the Triton Deck). They were about $6 each. The bolt and the insert were about $3. When you buy rollers - make sure to get the NEW style - they're more conical shaped and won't dig into the lawn if you come up at it at angle (like the old ones).